sunny days yield lasers

i love random days when you really have no plans and a quick trip to the post office turns into a full blown day of unwarranted hangout sessions and seeing friends. especially when the weather is sunny and there is art to be appreciated. saw my friend Dom for a bit then headed over to meet my buds Joe and Bobby at Canvas LA, a gallery space/store on Fairfax to check out the current art displayed.

my gun lighter is a hit. everyone tries to jack it cause pulling the trigger shoots the red laser pointer. i think Bobby actually still has it :/
i'm wearing DIY Raquel tee AGAIN, denim shorts, gladiator sandals, my new Wang Rico bucket bag!

oh and picked up these new sneaks from The Hundreds today. Thanks Bobby! i think they're the first non-Vans sneakers i've owned in YEARS. And yes, that is 100% Mr.T on my Blackberry.


Cruz said...

Cool sneakers, LOL Mr. T FTW

Anonymous said...

is that you maing those t-shirts, or do you buy em somewhere? cos i want one..could i perhaps, er, buy one of you?or..order i probably more like it (if you are the one making them yourself that is..)
i like yer blog by the way.

Isabel said...

Oh, I do love days like that. Unfortunately, I don't have too many of them.

yoshi said...

tell bobby to stop being mean and retweet my twicon video! HAHAHAHA