long weekends poop me out

the holiday weekend was fun, but ridiculously hot. these fishies made this restaurant really fun to be in. the food was eh, but the decor was nice.

my bro was not amused with a film about a pregnant teenage girl with the same name as him.

yay! fireworks!

this one is my favorite, it reminds me of the new christopher kane prints.

it was so hot spongebob's right eyeball melted off right after this picture was taken. mine nearly did as well.


Cruz said...

I love a bunch of fish in one tank, it looks cool lol and mmm those ice cream things are so good. I like your outfit of all the shit you're selling.

Sandra said...

love pictures with goldfishes!! lovely!


Miranda said...

those fishies are so pretty :)

and i love your dries sandals!

Fashion Is Poison said...


July Stars said...

Love your blog, came across it purely by chance but will be checking regularly!
Kiss from London

Karla said...

your nose ring is superb!

X karla

What Was I Thinking? said...

There's so much I love about this post... fireworks, Spongebob icecream and awesome footwear!!

wool and misc said...

i feel like my eyeball is melting off too.

ps. have i ever told you that you're my hair idol? no? well, you are.