Zara linen tee // vintage flight suit // Gareth Pugh two tone wedges


What do you do for a living?
I'm a mens apparel designer in the skateboard industry.

What is your nationality?

How tall are you?

I was wondering what your family members are like.
My family, we're like bros - not at all the stuffy, formal relationship type. My brother is my idol and the reason why I am the way I am. He got me into music and skating, gave me my sense of humor and opened my vision to be able to see all the small things in life. He's by far the coolest person I know.

I imagine that they are really cool...and maybe your dad is a biker?
My parents were the quintessential strict Asian parents growing up. All my friends were terrified of them, but my mom had the most wicked sense of humor (when she wasn't calling my teachers to request extra homework for me) and my dad turned into a teddy bear. He loves hanging out with my friends and trying to be one of the gang. He's definitely not a biker but he's the ones that taught me about cars and has always supported my love for bikes. We always talk about getting a Ural sidecar and taking a roadtrip just the two of us.

What is your next big goal in life? Where are you going?
Marriage? Domestication?

What would be some of your guilty pleasures ATM?
First of all I had no idea what ATM was - I was wondering who the heck would want to know about ATMs?! I'm not up on all these new generation acronyms. Ok so guilty pleasures would be the internet (!!!) and eBay (!!!!!!!)

How exactly is it that you make the topknot appear sophisticated, when the rest of us have a tendency to look like post-diet sumo wrestlers or enormous babies? Is there a secret? Some kind of pin-n-twist technique going on?
Sophisticated you say? Pixel Man is laughing himself to tears by now. I am far from sophisticated, trust me. And depending on where you are sumo wrestlers and enormous babies are considered very hot I'm sure. Consider moving there? But if you must know, I just gather all my hair at the very top of my head and then twist into a bun, then secure with Goody Spin Pins. If you haven't tried them, you must, they are a godsend. My topknots actually used to give me a gnarly headache after a few hours, but now that I have a foot and a half less hair, they're much more tolerable. I don't like them as much though because the bun is so miniscule.

What universally inspires you? I don't mean a hobby, or even a deep interest...but a passion that runs deeper than your physical being. What is that passion for you?
I have a deep deep appreciation and admiration for people who have their wits about them. Sharp people that are on it. There's nothing worse than people that aren't paying attention and sort of glide through life in a haze. I just want to snap my fingers at them wake up! People that catch all the details and take care of business inspire me to be better and work harder.

How long do you take to get ready in the morning?
Usually around 15min. I shower at night and I hate doing any sort of beyond necessary "getting ready" step. Brush teeth, wash face, apply powder, get dressed, out the door. I am in awe of girls that blowdry/curl their hair and apply a full face of makeup everyday. Such things are reserved for the most special of days when I actually have hours and endless patience to commit to looking presentable.

What's your biggest fear?

What languages are you fluent/conversant in?
English, Korean, and French a while ago but now....pfffffft.

Do you believe in magic?
in a young girl's heart?

What kind of camera do you have?
Nikon D3000

What are some of your (not fashion related) hobbies?
Cooking and cleaning

How did you get started in fashion? How do you get invited to all these cool events and such?
I grew up sewing clothes and skateboarding and during college the two just sort of melded and I got into my industry now. I hardly ever get invited anywhere - it's pretty common knowledge I'm a hermit. What you see here is only 1/125th of my actual life. You should see all the rad times I'm on the couch and the other gnarly moments I'm shredding in the kitchen in my pajamas. Good times!

Do you like chest hair on a man?
Only if I can tweeze it off

Do you like seafood?

Please don't be offended? This is only meant in curiosity...but how old are you?
I'm 31 ((gasp)) and I take no offense whatsoever. Everyone needs to get over this age thing. Do I wish I were younger? Sure why not! But do I stress about my current age? Not in the least. The twenties are such a drag, so unsure. It's nice to finally be comfortable.

If you have a college degree, where did you go and what did you major in?
I went to a UC here in southern California. I was a Visual Arts major.

Do you still skateboard? Does it influence your fashion?
I only push around once in a while now, but hardly ever. I'm too scared to break a hip. These old bones are brittle. (kidding) I absolutely think it influences my fashion. Well maybe a lot more growing up but still now yes. It's a certain lifestyle and culture that you can't really explain. If you're in it, you kind of just know.

What do you believe in?
I believe in paying attention. I believe in being kind to everyone. I believe in not being cool. I believe in telling stupid people that they're stupid (someone has to!). I believe in being good to your friends and being great to your family. I believe in working hard for what you want. I believe in my abilities. I believe in doing what you say and saying what you mean.

When is your birthday?

How do you photoshop your pictures so nicely?
It's actually quite embarassing, but my photoshopping skills aren't that great. If you look closely, it's all pretty sketchy. I'd just rather have weirdo goober pictures than stuff that's pretty and serious - that's not me. I don't really have good backgrounds to shoot in front of and I'm not the best photographer so I feel compelled to spice the things up in whatever way I can, which is usually crude photoshopping!


What's your favorite decade and favorite piece of clothing?
I'm going to cheat: I like the 30s, 40s, and 50s because women were very proper and took pride in how they looked 24/7. They always looked so groomed and picture perfect at any given moment - even at home cooking. It's such a departure from any other decade following and from nowadays. I don't like it to emulate in my own everyday fashion, but I certainly appreciate the structure and discipline of it. (taken from when I was tagged here)

What's your favorite memory involving food? Preferably, as a kid.
My elementary school friday nights when my dad would bake something and my mom would do crafts with us. Sugar cookies and paper bag puppets or tiger cake and rice paper kites to fly the following Saturday morning at the Queen Mary. Also every wednesday after school in junior high for me and my dad's ice cream sundae date nights.

What's your favorite movie from your childhood?
Dirty Dancing

Favorite pair of shoes in your closet?
Chloe Susans (best everyday-wear shoe)

What's your favorite online store??

What's your favorite band?
way too many, but will always have a soft spot for Dead Kennedys, Murder City Devils, and Cibo Matto

What's your favorite food of all time?
anything my mom made

What's your favorite Starbucks beverage?
I'm not much of a coffee drinker so I don't frequent Starbucks, but when I do it's usually the Tazo Passion Iced Tea.

What's your favorite City?

Where's your favorite place to hang in LA?
my bed

Where do you usually shop?

What's your favorite store to shop in?
thrifting, Barneys, Opening Ceremony, Creatures of Comfort, Jet Rag, American Rag

Your favorite vacation spot? Your dream city/place/state to live?
Anywhere tropical or woodsy for vacations. I would love to live in Tokyo around crazy inspiration or be in the French countryside riding horses and making preserves.

Who's your favorite comedian these days?
Dave Chapelle where are you???

What is your favorite piece of clothing you own?
Ann Sofie Back asymmetric biker poncho

What are your top 5 favorite songs of all time? why?
I can't name a top 5 but I'll share some links with you:
-Dead Kennedys Holiday in Cambodia
-Cibo Matto Sci-Fi Wasabi
-Solomon Burke Cry To Me
-Loretta Lynn Fist City
-Murder City Devils Press Gang
-Beastie Boys So Whatcha Want
-Gillian Welch Black Star
-Doris Troy Just One Look
...and the best ever...

What are your favorite TV shows? On air or off?
The Golden Girls

What is your favorite quote?
"I don't hate people, I just feel better when they're not around." -Bukowski

**EDIT: my apologies to Kirsty for forgetting her question!
What is your favorite Pokemon?
This guy because it reminds me of a Mexican Axolotl


Thanks for all your questions!

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Kirsty said...

you didn't answer mine! it was a silly one...but still!

Rich Hippie said...

your 31!!!!
oh my thats...i would never ad guessed(im complimenting u btw)
ur such a fascinating person, most fashionfolk arent.

InnyVinny said...

You listen to DK?!!?

I <3 you. That is all.

bravegrrl said...

welll... hmmm, i must not be one of those people that notice all the details cause your editing skills look pretty darn good to me, haha!

oh, and the dead kennedys are playing dec 3 at the house of blues...

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Love this! It was cool to learn more about you! :)

kosmickate said...

Your shoes are AMAZING.
And your blog is super interesting.
A must read for me.

Prêt à Porter P said...

your rock the heck out of that flight suit. I like your answers.

and ps. totally random and unrelated but i can't believe the shake weight is an actual thing! i swore that video was a joke

Alice said...

i loved reading all of these Q&As. they're so interesting and you write really well. my favourite answer was the one about how your dad used to bake and your mom cooked on friday nights. written just like a story!

and funny how someone already asked how you photoshop pics so well... but seriously, will you teach us step-by-step? kidding... but not really...

FashionHippieLoves said...

awesome pants!


the.inspired said...

Carolyn said...

i love that you're tall and wear huge heels! i'm 5'8" and adore heels too. the way you describe your family and especially how you adore and respect your brother is heartwarming :) my family is awesome and it's a beautiful thing. goes along with what you believe in, being kind to everyone, good to friends, great to family.. awesome answer

Sarah said...

i love the outfit and the background! very cool shoes too! these Qs and As were a nice read :)

Amy T said...

i have showers in the night to avoid all that too. and i do wonder why people make such an effort with their hair and face, who has time for all of that! my makeup is a 2 minute eyeliner job and a bit of foundation if i feel like making an effort.

And thats the first time i've seen a Mexican Axolotl! They are so weird, but so cool.

RAT PACK said...

i love these q&a posts! it's so nice to get a little sneak peek into the... realness.

i played keys in a mcd cover band about a month ago and we opened with press gang! it was epic. i mean, that intro? come on.


cibo matto <3333

SA + MG said...

the soul assassin remix of so whatcha want is the greatest thing ever. really enjoying your posts at the mo. REALLY liked the "I hate talking about fashion or being around fashion people."
me too. ughhhhh me too.

Rackk and Ruin said...

read through them all. love you all the more now. Flight suit on the tarmac, genius.

hesser said...

cool. i like you even more now.

May Kasahara said...

next time I get 100% vocals on "so whatcha want" on Rock Band - I'm gonna dedicate it to you.

BTW. I love you. That's all. MCD and dwight howard for life.

Anonymous said...

I love what you belive in answer....:)..

Maria said...

"You should see all the rad times I'm on the couch and the other gnarly moments I'm shredding in the kitchen in my pajamas. Good times!"

Hahaaaa, my favorite part!

MeganRose. said...

no prob! your blog is one of my faves. i 'like' jeffrey campbell on facebook and they asked everyone who their fave blogs were, i referred yours. a month or so later they came out with the 'stop it' shoe that i swear was after you!

it was interesting reading this survey! i feel stalker status reading it, but i think you're the most interesting blogger!

Anonymous said...

"cool & impressive interview!" :)

WPZ - Sandy said...

I could pass so many hours, days, etc forever tweezing hairs individually. Once in a while C will let me do some of his, to my glee.

I saw Dave Chapelle live way back when and it's probably the hardest I have ever laughed continuously. I shrieked and screamed actually.

WPZ - Sandy said...

Oh yeah, also love the quote, AND my best friend (the one who met me because of 15 buckle boots) had, maybe now has newer, Axolotls. They're soooooo strange but cute!