Oct 25, 2010

Topshop leather jacket // Alternative Apparel long sleeve // my grandma's skirt // F21 rib knit leggings // Proenza Schouler shoes

Last week some friends came in from Japan (hi May!) so we went out to Bazaar at the SLS Hotel. I wasn't very well off growing up, in fact we were quite the opposite. But even though my parents were poor immigrants scraping by, they always spent their hard-earned money on really great food for us. Eating is a total experience in my family. All of my uncles have, at one point, owned some sort of food business, so I basically grew up having a strong appreciation for all things delicious. However, you will never hear me refer to myself as a foodie. I feel like there's a hint of pretension with that title, which doesn't play into my kind of appreciation. I don't really care who made it or what rating it has or what special, rare ingredients are in it. If it tastes good, I like it. My tastebuds are actually kind of ghetto, I'd say. Hole-in-the-wall places and old family recipes will always take precedence over fancy packaging and ambience....which is why I've always been apprehensive about going to Bazaar. It was...nice...but totally not my deal. I'll show you some food pictures so you can see what I had, just in case you're curious but don't want to go either.

Baby Beet Salad - by far the largest portion out of everything we ordered. CUBES.OF.BEETS.
Foie Gras sliders - the hand is there to show you the scale. You have to put the whole thing in your mouth or it poops all over your hand.
Boneless Chicken Wings with Green Olive Puree - these were good, but I can make them at home. In fact, I will! You can come over. I'll make 900 so you can have more than 2 without worrying about bankruptcy.
I forget. I just hope my cousin isn't looking at this. She has clusterphobia.
Caprese Salad - those are liquid Mozarella balls. Liquid goo explosion in your mouth? I know....
"Corn on the Cob" - I would have put quotation marks around it anyway just to be funny, but that's how it really is on the menu. You know the size of baby corn right? That's 8 of them, for $11. I have two cans at my house, I will give you a discount for $1 a spear. Maybe I can buy a new pair of shoes.
The Infamous Cotton Candy Foie Gras - I put "The Infamous" in for dramatic effect. Because there is none of that when it actually comes out.
Philly Cheesesteak - air bread, cheddar Wagyu Beef. We ordered these after some of the food had already come out, so I had to actually ask if there was really bread or if it was hypothetical "bread." Considering what was coming out, it seemed like a perfectly valid question.
It was actually really delicious, but drippy sauces on my finger are the arch nemesis to my OCD.
Then we had to goof around in the lobby, much to the chagrin of all the other patrons. Why so serious?

In the pursuit of retaining some of Pixelman's pixelness.

Go there if you want! Or don't!


Silvana Querido said...

ahaha great post. I love your skirt. I want one like that and the color is mhamy!


Michelle Elaine said...

it looks like it was fun! and i love the plating, maybe i can just see if i can get my boyfriend to whip up some stuff like this... hehe

cute pixel guy ;)


Clara said...

I spent most of last night trawling through your archives (as i frequently do) and your blog amazes me no end every, single, time!

This post was no different.

Amy T said...

ahaha it doesn't sounds as great as it looks. although im kinda salivating at looking at that beef.

yoshi said...

seriously. i want your body. will yoga make my legs longer? and when are you coming to ny? i'll give you money to shop for me BAHAHAHAHA!

*ps - my word verification is "cyclesca" - cycle + jessca! lmao

Taylor said...

Hahahah your facial expression is great! And I never knew liquid cheese balls were real..AH I can't believe I haven't tried this! Also, your outfit is amazing.


InnyVinny said...

I had a list of things I was going to say but I forgot them all as I kept scrolling down. That last picture of your face made me blank out.

I hate pretentious food. And drippy explosion food. I'm glad those "philly cheesesteaks" were good (and the bread question was MOST VALID) because they look...umm...strange.

mink said...

Actually i´m a lot like you when i comes to food.
My mother have always made my family really really good fresh food.
No half-fabric stuff.
I ALWAYS think" i could make that..but better" when i eat out.
people find it very hard to impressive me and my tastebuds.
That´s the only negative thing with being spoiled with top notch food since early days. :)

And WOW you look great!

Lorena said...

I can completely relate to everything you've said in this post. My family was pretty poor growing up too but we always ate amazing food. My mom is such an INCREDIBLE cook and always made she we were healthy and satisfied.

I'm totally with you on preferring the 'hole in the wall' type places too. I'm way more comfortable somewhere cheap with plastic chairs, scarfing down giant servings of questionable meat than sitting in a fine-dining establishment, leaving hungry because of the miniscule portions. A lot of the time the most delicious food is the simplest and cheapest to make anyway. I can't believe that corn cost $11, it better have been DAMN good!

Maria said...

you work that skirt lenght, I thought that it was only for like, hardcore 50s style girls, undoable for the rest.

Mona said...

Dream fall outfit! PS shoes look amazing.

Cara said...

I really love you for wearing your Grandma's skirt and rocking it.

Nicole said...

you always look super chic.


gary pepper vintage

Prêt à Porter P said...

Well you look awesome!
I am the same about food, usually the cheaper the food the more I like it. Am I not the only one that finds neon bears in a fish tank weird?

Taylor said...

God, I can relate. I love ghetto food and weird/questionable food joints are often the best places to get amazing food. I also don't like the term "foodie."

And those shoes are amazing, I would never take them off.

koko // res pulchrae said...

well did you go for a slice of pizza afterward?

can't get over how awesome your shoes are.

posh restaurants are a great excuse for dressing up and wearing heels, but i'll take my mom's cooking over any restaurant any day!

Isabel said...

You are looking sooo insanely classy. The skirt length is absolutely perfect.


very pretty outfit :)

Cristina @FUJI FILES said...

Love your SHOES. And hypothetical bread - hah. I think I'd rather spend my money elsewhere. Like on those shoes.

X Cristina

mac and mac said...

haha i laughed so hard out loud reading this, great post!

kaye i. said...

LOL k... I'm coming over... I love "corn on the cob", if you want, I can bring a whole case and have a corn on the cob party!

"Ghetto taste buds", exactly how my taste buds are.

Fay said...

food aside, how awesome is this hotel! i stayed at SLS last year for my birthday, and lemme say it was such a great experience! i love the displays of toys and gadgets they have in the lobby, and all the quirky furniture that goes so well together!
Loved seeing this post about food tho, since we ate just about anywhere But there!

yuri said...

i'll take panda express over any overly pretentious half-filling food! and those giant bears look pretty rad

bravegrrl said...


but your outfit... rocks :)

kosmickate said...

"Infamous". You're hilarious.
I love how you give the grandma skirt such a high fashion touch.


mj said...

love it. you're gorgeous and funny. can't stand "foodies" i just wanna eat. and sometimes that means cheese rice or egg rice. or steak or chicken nuggets:p

Karafina said...

hah the "corn on the cob" was the best...

and yea, your grandma's skirt is perfect, fit and color.

yay pixels

gennie said...

hey nice food pics! :D

i've never had a chance to check out bazaar.. but then again i've never been a big fan of molecular gastronomy.. i'm not too sold on my food looking like a science experiment lol. my eyes got a little bit rounder though when i saw that cotton candy foie gras. i love how we're swapping spots and you're making me hungry/food envious right now!

p.s. your grandma has rad style

V. said...

After experimenting and dining out in very posh (= expensive) places I come to the conclusion that even if prices are high food can only be so good up to a certain level. So basically, prices sometimes go beyond the possibility of food being as good as prices are high.... Argh.. I bet I could say it better in German, but I hope you get what I mean!?

Sarah Dee said...

haha your disdain for the resteraunt is so funny!


thebroguetrader said...

i want to go to here.

MeganRose. said...

last pic is so cool!

gina esposito said...

in LOVE LOVE LOVE. we'll have to do an olive amazingness trade one day. i have a vintage prada jacket in this color and have a friend with a vintage gucci coat in this color. SO beautiful. this is my new favorite blog! i'll be using some of your images for my tumblr account! hope you don't mind! (of course you get the credit!) |