Above image of the Chanel Cruise 2010/2011 show in Saint Tropez. What an amazing location to have a show. People just sitting in the cafe and along the street. Oh and don't forget the people in the apartments above who got a free show. Lucky M(*#&@%(&ERS !

If you haven't seen Karl Lagerfeld's new short film, Remember Now, go see it right this second HERE! His other previous shorts are on the site as well so don't forget to get acquainted with those too. This one is the most movie-like so far, it's really cute I think - sorry, I can't think of a better word. I think it's the Mungo Jerry that did it for me. Actually I'm pretty sure it is. Or maybe Birkin, Bianca, and Bardot?
hi Karl.

A Lesson In Economics

Laurence Dacade boots // Acne moccasins // Casadei patent platforms // Nicholas Kirkwood neon platforms // Margiela scrunch boots // Gianvitto Rossi thigh highs // Topshop earrings // Roarke aztec necklace // Isabel Marant ring // Marvin y Quetzal platforms

Want vs. Need?



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It's no secret that i'm a big fan of Jenny Shimizu. A little obvious why? You'd have to be blind or a first-time visitor here to not get the attraction. I'm not all teeny bopper fangirl-like with sentiments like oh I'd totally go lesbo for her. I'm more grateful for her and I guess maybe on some really deeply subconscious level she's influenced a little bit of who I've become? Growing up in suburbia and being one of the handful of asian people in my school, let alone county, I didn't really have anyone to admire that looked even remotely like me. I've always been a tomboy, what with my dad raising me to mow the lawn and be under the hood of the car with him and when I wasn't being a fledgling handyman I was shadowing my older brother's every move, being a skate rat. When you're asian, with a buzzed head, skating, and into cars (not rice rockets) growing up in a sea of Kelly Kapowskis, who do you look up to? Nicky Taylor? pfffft. That's why in the early 90s, having someone like Jenny Shimizu in modeling of all worlds, was pretty revolutionary. I didn't have to be leggy and blonde, or even try to be the closest asian version of that. I didn't really care to be pretty. It was ok to look like a boy and be into the stuff I was into, aaand even still be considered a beauty in your own quirky way.
"I have thirteen tattoos. Many are car-related. I have a spark plug [on my left forearm]. I got it on a trade. A guy broke down in Los Angeles on his way to a tattoo convention. I fixed his radiator, he gave me the tattoo." -Jenny Shimizu via StyleLikeU
"The greatest hobby, which makes me cry and scream inside helmets, is motorcycle riding...You are face-to-face with the moment you are in. To be alone and to be in a helmet and see the pavement two-inches from your feet going by so fast, it's such a thrill." -Jenny Shimizu via StyleLikeU
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Even for Pirelli, the most-high profile of the "sexy" calendars, not to mention one of the most highest-paying and coveted annual modeling gigs, she doesn't have to be blend in or fit into the conventionally vamped-up, goddess look. She can just be her rad self like this...
Pirelli Calendar 1997

Thanks Jenny.
so unbelievably windy the other day. was in a cab on the way home and a giant, massive tree got blown over and came crashing down on the Prius in front of us, knocking its entire back window out. my friend made an interesting observation - how ironic that the car that is supposed to be the most environmentally-friendly, just got its ass kicked by Mother Nature? anyhow, i stayed indoors for fear of Mother Nature's retribution on my probably horrid carbon footprint and redid my nails. had the pink Calgel base and the stones applied by my go-to nail technician the day before and then painted on all the swallows myself. i'm just way too nit picky to trust tiny art to anyone else. at least if it sucks i can blame myself. can you tell what my inspiration was?

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(I hope your mama loves the dress)

Thank you to everyone for all your great comments! I really appreciate all of them and wish i had thirty dresses to give away. the "blogosphere" (gag) is such a bizarre world, it's easy to get swept up into popularity contests and thinking that you have to be a certain way or have a certain look or like what everyone else likes. to be honest with you, i started this blog out of sheer boredom and really had no idea what i was doing. then at one point i started to get bored of the blog too. i thought about stopping because it had become stupid to me and, frankly, i felt silly; but then in an attempt to make it interesting and fun to me again, i started going back to the basics, just doing what i like. i started it for me and i will continue to do it just for me. the way i look at it is, i'm just talking to myself and throwing my thoughts, likes and even dislikes out into empty space, where if somewhere along the way you should overhear or see them and find yourself chuckling, great. you can agree with me wholeheartedly or disagree with my vehemently, that's your prerogative. the message is this, let's just all continue to be true to ourselves.

god i hate being so serious and sappy...i promise to keep it to a minimum ;)