vintage army jacket //DIY shredded shirt // RVCA jeans // Gareth Pugh wedges

Zipangu in Costa Mesa

The Arboretum

Zara silk poncho // RVCA jeans // Chloe Susan boots // vintage miniaudiere

Apologies for the image-heavy post. Serious lack of creative energy accounts for the massive photo dump. This weekend has been pretty busy for me. There happen to be six of us who have birthdays in consecutive two day intervals, resulting in a frantic week and a half of candles, cakes, and drinks. My loving Pixel Man presented me with an early bday present in the form of a Nikon DSLR, finally endowing me with a camera of my own after dropping my last one on a camping trip last year. Faux supermodel, come hither face, contorted body outfit posts here I come! KIDDDDDDDING. As if.

one more wrinkle...

Two things I can't get enough of these days - the lining to my vintage army parka, with its quilting and super lightweight feel, and mixmatch prints/textures. i've gotten to the point where the more patterns in one outfit the better. This rule, of course, makes sense to me and me alone, why one combo works over another, but when I hit that right mix, it just feels so perfect. One little secret to getting older, you just don't give a shit anymore. I don't give a shit about what conventionally makes sense and what "works" and I certainly don't give two shits about what other people think. See? There is something to look forward to...

Speaking of getting old...with my birthday fast approaching next week, here is another wish list. Emphasis on wish...
Agent Provocateur ring // Ann Sofie Back satin asymmetric blouse
Neighborhood shirt // Celine black wedge
Horace linen shirt // Givenchy grey Pandora
Karla Spetic trousers // Alexander Wang coat
Rick Owens iPhone case // Ashish AW10 sequin shirt
Shakuhachi dress // Ann Demeulemeester triple lace talon boots

If anyone wants to surprise me with any of the above, email me and I'll provide you with my address...and then I'll act really really surprised. But in actuality, it wouldn't be acting, cause who would really send these? Nevermind. Happy Birthday to me!

72 hours and a chapped face later...

Back from a whirlwind trip to SF that included a much insisted-on trip to Fisherman's Wharf by my dad, nevermind that it was our bazillion and thirty first time. Seeing the bloated, blubbery seals lounging on the boat docks and trying on a perforated fake leather Fila cap were the highlights of the day - the overcooked garlic crab was not. A clean room and Law & Order SVU marathon are just what I need to unwind a bit before getting wound up again in the coming work week. Someone save me...

leavin on a jet plane ♫♪

yesterday's outfit. someone at work told me i looked like steven tyler. i beg to differ. it was more like steven tyler dressed as a mongolian woman dressed as steven tyler. now where is my yurt?

off to SF now! Have a great weekend everyone! Lord knows I need it...
When there's a movie that my dad wants to see, he will, without fail, go watch it within the first three days of its release. Rain or shine, with or without you. He only watches action movies...and very indiscriminately, might I add. It's as if he's taken on the responsibility of keeping the action movie genre alive by watching any and every film that even loosely falls within that category. Like the fate of the action film industry lies solely on his commitment to movie-going. He doesn't even have to want to see the movie per se, he just must. It's actually easy for me to humor him if I have an extra two hours to spare because I also favor action movies. Genetics maybe? The difference is, I also have the occasional desire to sometimes watch non-explosions/rapid fire/car chase/sword fight/kung-fu/espionage/bloody gore movies...the exception being romantic comedies, which I will never voluntarily watch. So when I asked if he would like to see Babies, seeing as how he loves them and can't stop his incessant requests for (overdue) grandchildren, he answered with, "Iron Man 2 is out though..." Fine..............get in the car.......................
**CRAPPY iPhone PHOTOS: vintage sweater // UNIF tee // RVCA jeans // Chloe boots // Alexander Wang bag // Ann Sofie Back glasses

Two things to note in Iron Man 2:

1. Sam Rockwell's orangey tanning lotion palms
2. Mickey Rourke's pectoral-defining chest makeup

BIG THANK YOU to Christeric for sending me this awesome tee!
(check out her DIY Charles Anastase boots - now there's a real HOLY SHIT! for you)


Above image of the Chanel Cruise 2010/2011 show in Saint Tropez. What an amazing location to have a show. People just sitting in the cafe and along the street. Oh and don't forget the people in the apartments above who got a free show. Lucky M(*#&@%(&ERS !

If you haven't seen Karl Lagerfeld's new short film, Remember Now, go see it right this second HERE! His other previous shorts are on the site as well so don't forget to get acquainted with those too. This one is the most movie-like so far, it's really cute I think - sorry, I can't think of a better word. I think it's the Mungo Jerry that did it for me. Actually I'm pretty sure it is. Or maybe Birkin, Bianca, and Bardot?
hi Karl.

A Lesson In Economics

Laurence Dacade boots // Acne moccasins // Casadei patent platforms // Nicholas Kirkwood neon platforms // Margiela scrunch boots // Gianvitto Rossi thigh highs // Topshop earrings // Roarke aztec necklace // Isabel Marant ring // Marvin y Quetzal platforms

Want vs. Need?



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