Is it just me?
Why do photographers insist on posing infants like this? Is it a joke among parents? Maybe it's truly a skill to be able to take a normally casual, relaxed position and make it look so unnatural? Or is that the unavoidable end result when posing something small and cute?

Hmm, this guy looks pretty chill.

But then...what the....................................................

or for you more visual people...


Went to the LA Auto Show the day before Thanksgiving for Pixeldude's birthday. I am usually up at 6am so night time walking is not my favorite thing ever. But at least there were a few intermittent rests sitting in cars pretending to be interested. Like this...
My eyes eventually became too tired to look around and this crypt-keeper face happened...
and then the lower lumbar quit on me too....

Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. I'm already wishing it was Friday again.


Topshop sweater // vintage army parka lining // Obey knitted jeans // Chanel silver boots // Givenchy Pandora


Backwards, hmm.


Ann Sofie Back skin shirt // Stolen Girlfriends Club jeans


Weekday asymmetric tunic // Weekday mesh skirt // Yohji Yamamoto Doc Martens // Givenchy bag

Big thanks to Maria and Sara for helping me get some Weekday things!

**EDIT: the yard sale has been cancelled due to rain.


collars available here soon.


The clean hair.
The lips.
The shirt.
The animal print.
The jacket.
Everything together.

EXACTLY what I want to look like right this minute.


London Hotel pre-party. Friend from Japan's last night before heading home. Pre-party for everyone else, but pre-party, party and after party rolled into one for this old fart. 52 minutes of raging (ie, sitting on a fancy sofa) and I was spent. The bathroom was so nice I wanted to hang out in there the whole night. Actually the entire suite would be my dream master bedroom, minus the color scheme.

Celine tweed structured top // H&M dress // vintage army parka liner // YSL ankle boots
The bathtub was calling to me. I was this close to enjoying a leisurely bath while everyone drank, but drinking leads to peeing and strangers peeing while I'm in the tub is no longer relaxing. Have you ever slept in a bathtub? I have. The idea is more novel than the reality of having your chin stabbing your breast plate all night long.
Easy Cheese, beef jerky, gum. It's a fancy party, people.
I will take a mini condiment over a mini skirt any day.
Bull Dog motif everywhere. #idontgetit


Cheap stuff! Expensive stuff! New stuff! Old stuff! Fashion stuff! Home stuff!
Just a bunch of stuff !

Any questions? Contact:

**EDIT 11/19: cancelled due to rain.


Heath Kirchart announces retirement, then bikes across America.
Clearly you have enough energy to skate. Just one more video? Pretty please?


Maison Martin Margiela.

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