Is it just me?
Why do photographers insist on posing infants like this? Is it a joke among parents? Maybe it's truly a skill to be able to take a normally casual, relaxed position and make it look so unnatural? Or is that the unavoidable end result when posing something small and cute?

Hmm, this guy looks pretty chill.

But then...what the....................................................

or for you more visual people...


Backwards, hmm.


Ann Sofie Back skin shirt // Stolen Girlfriends Club jeans


collars available here soon.


The clean hair.
The lips.
The shirt.
The animal print.
The jacket.
Everything together.

EXACTLY what I want to look like right this minute.


Cheap stuff! Expensive stuff! New stuff! Old stuff! Fashion stuff! Home stuff!
Just a bunch of stuff !

Any questions? Contact:

**EDIT 11/19: cancelled due to rain.


Heath Kirchart announces retirement, then bikes across America.
Clearly you have enough energy to skate. Just one more video? Pretty please?


Maison Martin Margiela.

Last three images posted here previously.


Went to Barneys last weekend to do research on bag sizes before finally pulling the trigger. Saw the mini Pandora for the first time and this pony hair one was super not ugly. I could have easily hidden it under my parka and walked out but I wasn't wearing proper footwear to outrun the security guards. While most men are aloof and cannot stand shopping, Pixelman is detail-oriented and cannot stand shopping. He humors me though, for the sole reason of having a say in me not bringing home ugly things. He utilizes his veto powers left, right, and center. I was most surprised that out of all the amazing and completely-out-of-my-monetary-reach bags, he liked the Celine Cabas zip the most. I should clarify - it wasn't liked the most, it was only liked.

But in the imaginary world of money-is-no-object-whatrent?, I would choose the Luggage style in python. Seeing as how the cobra Cabas is no longer available. Or isn't it? See you in my dreams! Zzzzzzz.......*drives off in Lamborghini*

just kidding I like Volvos.


"Pretty Boy II"

1952 Triumph Thunderbird 650 dragster of champion drag racer Bobby Sirkegian

I wish I had one of these when I was 13. I would've zipped all around the farms and dirt roads in my neighborhood while all my friends got pregnant the summer before high school. Boozin and breedin. I'm pretty sure that was the unofficial county mantra. You weren't shit unless you had a Louis Vuitton Speedy strolled into homeroom with a toddler.


"It's pretty simple, you just have to walk."

Didn't think I could possibly love her more, but this is awesometown USA!

Fact: I'm always really curious to hear people's voices.
It's a make it or break it thing for me.


Noir x Disney cuff


Super amazeballs Halloween costume. Nice 40, dude.

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Natalia Brilli SS11


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Was bummed I missed out on the Supreme leopard jacket...

...and now this Undercover one just quadruples my disappointment.


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Interesting Acne boots. Kind of like, kind of hate.

Fact: I've owned one pair of my knee high boots in my life. They were really horrible.
Since you were dying to know.

Oh, and this gem from Camille that pretty much saved my Thursday.Photobucket

Everything else is annoying me today.

Mess with Mother Nature and she will mess with you?