Super into Chunky platforms lately!



You're in luck today readers! Are you prepared for the most incredible homie discount? I will make you this exact shirt for only $1124.00! A savings of over 50% off the retail price. Why pay full price for this ripped tee with safety pins when you could get it for so much cheaper! Total steal right??
I mean, nobody buys Balmain at full price anymore right?? That's so 2009.

(Who says I don't love you?)


available at Pixie Market


After a long winter, it's time to let your toes breathe in affordable summer shoes.

Now which to get?


Isabel Marant jacket // Alternative Apparel tee // Kill City jeans // Acne boots

Girl Scout Samoas ice cream. Fresh chop. Reset.

Ann-Sofie Back asymmetric biker poncho // Topshop sweater // RVCA jeans // Acne boots // Givenchy bag

I've returned from a honeymoon that went by so quickly it feels as if I only imagined it, back to a life with a mile-long To Do list that makes me tired just thinking about it. Whenever I have this much stuff to catch up on it just makes me want to hit the reset button and erase everything and start from scratch. I can't even remember the last time I sat and looked through blogs or even a magazine (which is probably actually a good thing). It's a quarter through 2011 and I'm still wondering what happened to 2010. Two memory cards full of photos from the trip await editing and already I don't even want to bother looking at them. Between being nauseated and fatigued from my first-ever bout with jet lag, I have neither the energy nor brain capacity for anything other than what is absolutely essential to getting through the day. Even work is barely making the cut. I need about two full days of straight sleep, with an intravenous food drip and a week of mindless nothingness to get me back on track. Stay tuned...

Hi from Korea.

Be back soon! :(


Ann-Sofie Back sunglasses // Celine top // vintage leather trousers // J.Crew flats // Givenchy bag

A third of the way through our honeymoon and I'm already dreading going back to normal life again. What's up with all those bloggers who never seem to be at a 9 to 5 and are always galavanting about, waking up at noon and shopping for a living? Where do I sign up for that? Where's the line for blogger fantasy life? Are there prerequisites? Cause I already have a lens flare photo set, if that's one of them.

Took these photos the day before we left, running last minute normal life errands in an I'm-a-married-woman-now grown up outfit. That's what trousers do for me - except these ones are bordering on Michelle Pfeiffer Married to the Mob status and elicit the most scornful looks from Pixelman. Don't you have certain items that your friends/mate absolutely hate?


3.1 Phillip Lim jacket // Emerica flannel // RVCA jeans // Chloe boots // Givenchy bag // Ann-Sofie Back sunglasses

Life has been hectic and a half (times ten thousand, squared) but now I'm finally living with my husband (yowzas!) and finally going on a honeymoon. I needed a vacation in a bad way so this is doubly triply exciting for me. Posts may be slow but I will try to update between all my yeehaws and zzzzz's. Let the fun begin!