Mihara Yasuhiro's home. The mini bowl on the ground floor and that lip sofa. My dream home.


Excited about this recent discovery - Fanny and Jessy - a design duo from the UK. Their new fall lookbook just took my pining for all things boxy and misshapen to the next level. Add perforated leather and textured prints into the mix and my winter is spoken for.


via OC

With the help of some eye-opening observations from friends, I've come to accept that my 2013 style trajectory is headed for Hoboville, USA. Case in point - these pants from Kaal E Suktae. While for some (read: majority?) these may be terribly offensive and downright ugly, they hit the deepest chords of love in my patchwork heart of hearts. So now you know where I'm headed. Be forewarned.


I recently participated in the Guest Blogger Series for Helmut Lang, along with Susie Bubble, Street Peeper, Chic Muse, Columbine Smille and a few others. We styled our favorite pieces from their Fall collection and each week a new blogger is featured. Mine just went live this morning. You can read my interview here and shop the looks here :)


ASOS jumpsuit // Givenchy Necklace // CÉLINE Trio clutch

I actually did a really poor job of documenting my outfits during fashion week. Probably because it was a hectic mess and I was more focused on not sweating than actually looking fashionable. I'll try to post some more looks if I can scrounge some up. This is what I wore to the Theyskens Theory show. The top image is from W Mag and the bottom from The Cut. It's a very strange thing being street style snapped.

When the photographers asked for outfit details, they all gasped when I said my jumpsuit was from ASOS. Or maybe they were just plain shocked I was wearing a wool tweed jumpsuit in 80 degree weather. (There were clouds in the morning, ok?) Either way, you can get it here.


top by Tommy Ton // bottom by Phil Oh

Kate Lanphear has long been my #1, but I'll never be as completely cool and edgy and androgynous (or leggy) as her anyway. Sometimes I just want to be a comfortable tomboy. Plus I do have moments of breaking my all-black streaks with color here and there. So with that side, Gaia Repossi has been the fashion figure I feel most akin to these days. Her makeupless nonchalance and casual ease are such great contrasts to the crazy shit she wears. That's a big formula for me - finding balance in looks.


Honor cardigan coat // CÉLINE shirt // custom leather shorts // CÉLINE shoes // Brook&Lyn necklace // Leoffler Randall bag

On my first day of NYFW I went to the Honor show and was lucky enough to wear a cardigan coat from their Fall 2012 collection. Wasn't there a tropical tornado you say? Wasn't it in the 90s you ask? Why yes, but I pose you this... when have I ever worn weather-appropriate attire? Sure some show-goers threw some confused looks my way but not as ardently as this passer by. I mean I'm out of focus, but clearly that's not the most important part of the photo. I'd like to think that 2% of those who made this face, were more jealous of my outerwear than concerned I might have a heat stroke. It is, afterall, a beautiful gorgeous wonderful dream of a cardigan. That I may have come very close to stealing. Damn morals!


top: Ray Bans // bottom: Oliver Goldsmith

Before I left for New York, I was so relieved to have finally gotten some new sunglasses. As an Asian, it's really hard to just casually find glasses anywhere. I know some people who don't care, but I personally don't like floating glasses syndrome (no nose contact). I sort of resigned myself to forever wearing wire rim glasses because at least the nose pads are adjustable. Imagine my surprise when David at Leonard Opticians custom fit a pair of glasses for me and now I finally have a pair of cat eyes. I thought the Ray Bans fit fine, but he tweaked those perfectly as well. What a difference going to an actual optician makes rather than some fashion eyewear store. If you're in LA you should check out their new location.

Fashiony things afoot! Stay tuned!

(or watch SVU and eat chips for me)