If I could assemble my dream wardrobe from Totokaelo 💔

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Probably the tightest thing I've worn since the leotard I wore as Benny The Magic Bunny for my 1st grade talent show. But stretchy matte washed silk will make you do crazy things? Anything is possible with the power of layering.


I know this may come as a shock but I actually really love ruffles and sequins. Not like in a zhuzhy princess way, but generally if it confuses people, I'm down. Trompe l'oeil? Here's my credit card. So basically if I were to ever dream up a gown I'd want to wear, this Gucci one would be it. And the best (?) way to dress down a gown is to layer your rattiest old thermal under it.

Or a pair of blue jeans with a silk runway shirt. Groundbreaking.

photos by YY


Untitled (from Le Journal d'un Graveur), 1975

I've had some great luck with The Real Real in picking up some missed-out-on-the-first-time-around items (like this and this), but I need to flex my muscles and say this time I've really done it.

I've been way more focused on interior and home stuff lately, so I was going through their art section and hit the jackpot with this signed and numbered print by none other than my favorite artist, Joan Miró. I couldn't believe it was just sitting there for the taking. But before I checked out I grabbed one more *little* thing. You know, it's V-day around the corner and all. You never know when you'll need a ridiculously small bag. For all your ridiculously small things. Thing. One thing.

Now if I were to treat myself a little more:


< in partnership with Nixon >

Have you seen Mr. Robot? You know the leader of the Dark Army who allots a certain number of minutes per appointment and sets an alert for each minute that passes? #goals amirite?

In the freelance world I’m accountable for my own schedule and workflow, so I can be maniacal about time. Maybe not Dark Army leader level, but I check it around 800x a day, which is why my phone can be more distracting than helpful. I’ll look at it for the time, but then there’s an Instagram notification so I check that real quick, and it reminds me of someone I forgot to text, so a quick hey hello turns into recommending an article that I, of course, have to bookmark to read later, and then oh crap, back to work! Five minutes later…wait, what time was it again? This is where a watch comes in handy.


LA's never-ending summer has been driving me crazy. It's practically winter and I still haven't had a chance to properly wear a coat here. For a much needed change of temperature, I booked it to Portland this past weekend. It'd been one year to the date that I'd been there last and each time I love it even more. I'm pretty easy to please since my main objectives are to 1. be cold (see above re: coats) and 2. eat good food, and Portland is very much spot on for both.

I stayed at Hotel Lucia, which I highly recommend for it's convenient location and the, not one but two, restaurants connected to the lobby (Penny Diner and Imperial). Also I don't know if this is a Portland thing, but never before have I had so many electrical sockets made available to me (reference lobby sofa below). Truly a hotel that understands convenience (or neurotics like me).

And of course between meals we'd take in some sights. We trekked it to Multnomah Falls and Hood River one day and the rest of the time just took it easy and explored the city. Below is a list of some of my favorite shops in Portland.

1003 SW Washington St
Portland, OR 97205

Probably one of the biggest boutiques in Portland. They carry all my favorites - Acne, Nomia, Sophie Buhai, Margiela - so if you find yourself still chilly and in need of a few extra layers, go there. You'll be covered. Plus they just moved into a bigger space (next door to the original spot), just look out for the big neon YES sign on the corner. Super close to Lucia!

3360 SE Division St
Portland, OR 97202

If you find yourself on Division (maybe grabbing a Salt n Straw?), be sure to stop by Nationale. It's a small gallery as well as a shop, carrying everything from housewares to zines and art books. Don't forget to peek behind the cash register, there's another small nook with more art =)

511 SW Broadway
Portland, OR 97205

Stand Up Comedy is one of my favorite OG weird internet online concept stores. I was excited to finally get to visit the brick and mortar this trip. The entrance is like one of the old jewelry stores in Downtown LA, with the window display entry. Currently on view are denim dolls from 69, but a new installation is soon to be up. Their selection is more niche like Eckhaus Latta, 69, Kapital, Electric Feathers.

927 SW Oak St
Portland, OR 97205

Like Nationale, West End Select Shop was another store I wasn't previously familiar with, but recommended by some local friends. Easily one of my new favorites. It had a great selection of vintage Levi's and brands I love like Black Crane and Nanushka.