Heavy perfumes are not my jam. I never want to be the girl whose scent lingers thick in the air after I've left. I just want something light that says hey I'm a fresh clean gal, ya know? Gucci Bamboo Eau de Toilette is the answer. Citrusy floral notes (my fave), perfect for summer.


I'm excited to be featured as the July Shop With story for MATCHESFASHION.COM. I know it's difficult not to be distracted by Pepper in her favorite bed (drawer), so let's take a second to enjoy that. Above were some of my favorite looks from the set I edited for them. To see the rest, head on over to MATCHESFASHION.COM or read my interview here. I might just have to break my existential crisis shopping fast to get my hands on all the new Balenciaga.


If I could assemble my dream wardrobe from Totokaelo 💔

Shop by look below:


Probably the tightest thing I've worn since the leotard I wore as Benny The Magic Bunny for my 1st grade talent show. But stretchy matte washed silk will make you do crazy things? Anything is possible with the power of layering.


I know this may come as a shock but I actually really love ruffles and sequins. Not like in a zhuzhy princess way, but generally if it confuses people, I'm down. Trompe l'oeil? Here's my credit card. So basically if I were to ever dream up a gown I'd want to wear, this Gucci one would be it. And the best (?) way to dress down a gown is to layer your rattiest old thermal under it.

Or a pair of blue jeans with a silk runway shirt. Groundbreaking.

photos by YY


Untitled (from Le Journal d'un Graveur), 1975

I've had some great luck with The Real Real in picking up some missed-out-on-the-first-time-around items (like this and this), but I need to flex my muscles and say this time I've really done it.

I've been way more focused on interior and home stuff lately, so I was going through their art section and hit the jackpot with this signed and numbered print by none other than my favorite artist, Joan Miró. I couldn't believe it was just sitting there for the taking. But before I checked out I grabbed one more *little* thing. You know, it's V-day around the corner and all. You never know when you'll need a ridiculously small bag. For all your ridiculously small things. Thing. One thing.

Now if I were to treat myself a little more: