Jan 29, 2015

Céline parka


Jan 14, 2015

If only I were wearing this right now.


Jan 6, 2015

Céline coat // Acne tshirt // RVCA jeans // Vans shoes

Announcing my winter uniform. It's going to be a boring coupla months. You've been warned.


Dec 28, 2014

Black leather jackets are the clothing equivalent to black leather boots. Even the slightest variation can make you add another to your collection. A couple years ago I went through an insane search for semi affordable leather jackets (sorry, no Balenciaga's here). I started with the most classic Schott, but they were always too boxy for me. So instead I wound up with every other variation - oversized, cropped, quilted, minimal. And now that The Line created this slightly more modern, tailored version of Schott's classic Perfecto, I am a happy camper. No more leather jackets for me.



Tom Wood ring via The Line

Ideal ring. Love a good signet.


Dec 23, 2014

Satin is not a fabric I would usually actively seek out to wear but Rosetta Getty can pretty much get me into anything. Seriously, burlap, bring it. And sometimes you just need a cape to make your day better. More Rosetta Getty. All the Rosetta Getty.


Dec 10, 2014

I got my first pair of Vans in the 7th grade - 1977 or something (jk but close) - blue and white Sk8-Hi's from the outlet in Corona. That exact same pair/colorway still exists and I still wear them regularly (new pair, my feet have grown since). The beauty of Vans is that the more beat up they get, the better they are, and just when they're on their last dying breath, you just cycle into a fresh new pair, as evidenced by the first image. Check out my holiday guest edit here.

photos by YY