Dec 10, 2014

I got my first pair of Vans in the 7th grade - 1977 or something (jk but close) - blue and white Sk8-Hi's from the outlet in Corona. That exact same pair/colorway still exists and I still wear them regularly (new pair, my feet have grown since). The beauty of Vans is that the more beat up they get, the better they are, and just when they're on their last dying breath, you just cycle into a fresh new pair, as evidenced by the first image. Check out my holiday guest edit here.

photos by YY


Please welcome STOP IT RIGHT NOW to 2014 (almost 2015)! 

I finally caved and made a FB page (read: was forced to make one while trying to sign up for something else). In any event, you can interact with me there and ask me how I like my In-N-Out (protein style, with onions and chopped chilis, no tomato), what to wear to prom (tuxedo! but good luck finding a date!), and whatever else that is not too stressful for me to answer. I'll share more links and giveaways there in the coming year since I'm transitioning into primarily original content for this here site. Find me on FB here.


Dec 2, 2014

The holidays are upon us. How is it almost 2015? I breezed through Black Friday temptations like a champ, but December always puts me in a #treatyoself mood. And since it is already the second day of the month, may as well jump straight into it?

I'm hooked on The Real Real. So much Louis, Prada, Chanel, Stella, Proenza, and Céline (without the Celine Dion CDs and Vegas show merch). I got my Chanel duster there so it's sort of becoming my go-to for rare and past season items. Missed out on vintage YSL cufflinks for $50 :( but you bet I put myself on their wait list option. How do you think I got this coat? The holidays are a time for optimism after all. Check out their 12 Days of Gifting here for luxury holiday gift ideas, or just go #treatyoself.

photos by YY


Nov 23, 2014

My favorite face wash at the moment. Their packaging is ��.


Nov 19, 2014

ASOS dress // Balenciaga boots

Into dresses that look like other things, but are dresses.

photos by YY


Oct 20, 2014

Chanel duster // Zara tee // The Castings jeans // Gianvito Rossi boots // Mansur Gavriel clutch // Broken Arrow sunglasses

Flashback from this past NYFW on Garance Dore today. Still can't believe I found this Chanel duster on The Real Real. I'm now addicted to looking for more insane vintage pieces and just long coats in general. Which I understand is not the most pragmatic considering my geographical location, but hey, what's a girl to do?


Oct 13, 2014

Linen tshirt, mens flannel, and leggings all Joe's Jeans // Nike shoes

Alarming I know, but I do actually try to be active. Getting old is a real thing. I hate gyms so I tend to go for nature hikes or yoga or pilates classes. My go-to for working out is leggings, a baggy tshirt, and something to tie around my waist, you know, just in case. See how I transition from exercise to out and about over at Joe's Jeans.