louis louis ooooh oh

i have a hard time justifying spending $1000 on a pair of plain ass pumps just because they are jimmy choo or manolo blahnik or even christian louboutin. i mean christian louboutin DOES offer some great "other" fancy shoes that are great, but really? pumps? $1000? i think not. actually, fuck no. buttttt what i DON'T have a problem with is paying said amount for a work of art. it's such a crazy amount of money and i don't mean to sound like i have or like i actually can, but i'm saying hypothetically i would be more likely to spend that money if the shoe was really more like art. especially since i have a penchant for crazy not every day shoes. let's say for argument's sake these louis vuitton platform wedges...runway shoes don't always make it into the stores so imagine my surprise when my local louis crack den actually had the bottom version. i've been getting ambushed by crazy shoes left and right lately. i was instantly reminded of the top version so i asked the sales lady if she had any all black ones, she said they actually had a pair that weren't even being displayed (odd) and brought out a way daintier, lady-like version that was satin and had a peep toe and ever so slight prada-esque single ruffle detail. in these tough times i can't really afford to be dropping that kind of cash on a single pair of shoes (let alone my car payment or rent), but these beauties make me teeter on the edge of financial irresponsibility.

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