the mystery

i get that the cool, cult-following fictional all girl band in film is supposed to be The Stains,but has anyone ever really really paid attention to The Mystery? the all girl + male keyboardist band led by justine bateman in the 1988 movie, satisfaction. there's jennie lee, the lead with college to fall back on, love-hungry daryle, nickie the keyboardist, and my two favorites, pill-popping billy and dark, brooding mooch. if you can get past all the cheesy and abrupt dialogue/acting and the horrible singing, there are actually a few things that make it worthwhile to watch:

1. Liam Neeson
2. young Liam Neeson
3. young Liam Neeson in henleys and sweats
4. bad 80s fashion, but also GOOD 80s fashion, especially mooch and billy's characters
5. cameo by Debbie Harry

Daryle : "Ok we're goin in there now...and anyone that doesn't act a douchebag."

well said.

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