the young ones

in the early nineties, when my friends and i were deep in the trenches of punk and ska, there were few shows on tv that catered to our burgeoning interests in all things anarchistic and against the popular norm. kids in the hall was cool and then of course, came our die hard love for the state, but nothing quite paralleled our loyalty to the british comedy show, the young ones. kinda like how every girl has to relate herself to a sex and the city character, we each took on a character from the young ones. there was mysterious mike, distressed hippie neil, the anarchist rick, and my personal favorite, vyvan the punk. although originally before our time, shot in the early 80s set at fictional scumbag college, when we were still only in elementary school, it captured the essence of the anti-establishment and angst that we ourselves were experiencing. although ive long since moved on from that extreme, into the world of 9-5's and bills and designer shoe obsessions, it's still nice to go back to that now and again, as a reminder of where ive come from.

to the young ones - you had me at piss off.

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nicki said...

Yeah! The Young Ones! I loved the episode where Motorhead appeared performing "Ace of Spades" !! Haha! I love your blog!