i have no idea why but i just started thinking about skateboarding and the 90s today. skateboarding has always been my first love - the most seminal thing in my life that really formed who i am today. sure there are other bits and bobs to me, but for the most part, i am who i am today because of skateboarding. i'm sure everyone has their own versions of what the 90s represented for them. for me it was a time that was dominated by Think, Foundation, and Girl just to name a few. it was a time when skaters looked like ravers, or members of the Talking Heads. pants were huge and the bottoms were cut off so you could barely see your Simples; the resulting proportion resembling shorts so large that they were considered pants only by default. i think it was Etnies that even put out denim one year that had back pockets that resembled mits. they were called the girlfriend jean or some shit, so that skaters' girlfriends could keep their hand in the back pocket. i may be mistaken on the brand but i definitely will never forget those jeans. i remember wanting to be linked up in a pair with a certain someone. but then again, i was 15. flash forward 15 years later and skaters can now swap jeans with their girlfriends. but whatever the style may be, there will always be that signature SKATE look. the look that rollerbladers, wakeboarders, bmx-ers, and whoever else will try to emulate. although skateboarding has become far more mainstream than back in the 90s, it's still a relatively underground sport. and while the police, rent-a-cops, and other generally disgruntled uptights of the world shun it, ad execs and cool guy wannabe's will always try to encapsulate the essence of it. why? because it's awesome. face it.

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