bow down

Apr 26, 2009

the lovely and uber-talented luxirare was kind enough to mention me on her blog today. not only does she have super rad taste in all things fashion, but her tastes also extend to tastebuds. her insane photos of her adventures in food-making are incredible to follow. she's a punk rock high fashion chef/fashionista/photographer all rolled in to one, aaand humble at that. hers is by far one of my all-time favorite blogs - i check it religiously and am always eagerly anticipating the next entry. if you haven't already checked it out (which i could hardly believe), please click on her logo below and prepare to get your mind-blown.

we could be hair sisters, no?


LuxiRare said...

How sweet of you!! I hope more people start reading your blog and I'm sure we'll see your comments section build up soon.

gennie said...

i found your blog today through luxirare :) you are so pretty!!!!

Molly said...

Oh. I love her too!!! Which is actually how I found your blog!

Anonymous said...

i found your blog from luxirare too, and i agree with you: the "holy trinity" were the ann d's, chloe's, and MMM! love ur style

meng said...

i love luxirare and im happy that i found your blog cause its great!!! thanx luxi..

ray said...

it seems we could all say the same about you no??

your taste is fucking perfect and i find myself agreeing with so much of it!!

that bjorn video had me at hello


HAL said...

I looove her blog and she is too sweet.