romance is not dead, oh wait

watched Sid&Nancy for the kajillionth time again. although i do love the sex pistols, i love gary oldman even more. and whatever movie i come across that he's in, 9 times out of 10 i'll watch it. but i digress...the movie does some heavy duty romanticizing of a fucked up love story. let me just tell you i am NOT into romance - in real life and especially in movies. i'm all about guns and violence and cars flipping and gratuitous fighting. i guess i was able to watch this movie so many times because it's bitter sweet and you feel sad by the end. and then you remember how cracked out and generally screwed they are and you go, oh. but then you can't help but be moved by the amazing music and scene upon scene of badass og punk fashion.

the bottom photo is a still of my favorite scene from the movie. go figure the only romance i can stomach is kissing in front of dumpsters with garbage falling from the sky.

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Gnarlitude Jen said...

oh man, i haven't seen this since I was a teenager. may need to queue it up on netflix.
did you see they're making a flick called like 'who killed nancy' or some shit. still don't believe it was him but should be an interesting watch.