if you aren't hip to sex savages on wheels yet, you need to remedy that situation right quick. the two baddest ladies, jen and cass, run the sickest female biker blog in town! get hip to it. well, if you're into that sort of thing. if you're not, you're missing out.

i had the honor of riding Cass's crazy new bike today, aptly named ((drumroll please)).....

that's right, my ass had the royal treatment on the croc seat...and i'm not gonna lie, i felt like one bad mother for a second. but obviously not as bad as Cass. This is her and her man Jason. Such a rad rad couple.

Stalled a million and one times, finally got a grip, felt like a motherfucking badass, hung out with their ridiculously cute daughter, Lil Iz Wolf, the baddest lil lady on the block, next to her mama, soaked in some nice late afternoon sun on their yard, conversed with really cool, down-to-earth folks, then returned to my normal hermit uncool life. all in all a perfect day.

I want to give a heartfelt thanks to Cass and Jason for letting me ride Bad Mother and making me feel so welcome. And of course a million thank you's to Jen for introducing us and for generally just being awesome.

I'm so pumped I can't wait for the Iron 883!

images via sex savages

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Cass said...

oh man..your soooo welcome! So stoked you got to come ride..and come back and keep riding! Rad...