if you don't go buy Gnarlitude's new tee right this minute!

get it HERE !


May Kasahara said...

I didn't know about this!
fuck I have to catch up on my blogroll!

Diane said...

Fucking AWESOME tee.

I've just discovered your blog via Hipster Musings? and I think it's pretty fantastic. I'll be following you!

I couldn't find any contact information and I was going to e-mail you but I guess I'll settle for leaving a comment.

I really admire that you've been skateboarding for a while. I'm late on that bandwagon and was wondering if you have any tips for an amateur/beginning skateboarder? All I want to master, really, is an ollie. Just so I can skate to the local library/drugstore/grocery store/whatever and jump curbs so I won't have to step off the board. I've been practicing a bit and can do a stationary ollie just fine but it's the transition into the moving ollie that gets me. Do you have any tips? Sorry to treat your blog like a skate forum...