this coming sunday is the next Blogger Shop Day at Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles. if you're in the vicinity, you should definitely drop by. i'll have a limited number of my shredded shirts there being sold by Cass of SexSavages and maybe a few other bits and bobs so go get em while the gettin is good. be there or be lame. shaka.

what $4600 bucks used to get you

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when i saw this i couldn't resist reposting. you can't even buy a fucking Balmain jacket with that nowadays. i'd take the Challenger any day.

don't have to have a reason to post junya.
image via shoelust

margiela x ruby

yes. definitely yes.

body armor

Thanks to Sandee of Armor jewelry for sending me this piece called "Rei." When she initially offered to send me something, I couldn't really decide so I asked her to surprise me, and surprised I was! I'm not very good with jewelry. I hate switching shit out and putting thought into accessorizing - which is why I dress pretty simple but focus on crazy footwear for the Pow! But this I could definitely get down with. Check out more of their stuff here and hook yourself up.

summer no bummer

random photos i haven't posted + today's events...

two words. Colossal. Burger.

summer is nice.

say no to Sierra Mist.

went to LACMA today with the bro. there was this amazing installation thing outside. like a carnival house-of-fun, except made with various plastic household items. things like this make me forget my age.

wearing bleached denim shirt, Corpus tank, Zara trousers, Gareth Pugh two-tone wedges, Wang Rico bag, Mosley Tribes sunglasses

ended with a trip to the korean market for dinner supplies.

two wheeled freedom

these are the shots that Cass just sent me from when we did the little mini shoot for the Iron 883 Dark Custom over at her place. i've been flip flopping between which bike to get, but i'm leaning towards a newer one like this that's not going to give me any immediate hassles. it was a really smooth ride and i especially like the blacked-out version.H-D's commercial for the bike.

oh and FYI, SexSavages and Gnarlitude will be participating in the next Space 15 Twenty blogger sale coming up in August so be sure to go and support and buy some awesome shit from them!

Thanks again Cass!

grab bags

i've been locked up in my house working on a project so i barely have time to eat, let alone blog, but just had a random thought. although my wang rico bucket bag is badass to look at, it is actually quite a nuisance to carry/get stuff out of. because the strap is also the drawstring of the bag, it's impossible to get your hand in to dig around for stuff while you have it on. oh and don't even get me started on the twisting action. the bucket portion is so huge and heavy and the straps are literally like leather cords, so while you walk, the bag just twirls and twirls itself and you eventually have to spin it back around. arg. even so, i do love me some gigantic, monstrous bags. i have no problems with clutches, i actually think they're quite lovely, the only thing is, i hate carrying things in my hand, oh and then there's the fear of setting them down somewhere and meandering off. if there was a way to afix them to my hand without me actually having to consciously hold, sign me up! cue Alexander McQueen's 'Faithful' collection...

now this is what i'm talkin about...a purse that does double duty as a weapon...

or hand warmer...

the only other small clutch-like bags i've liked are the stella mccartney and natalia brilli miniaudieres i posted about a while back...however, imagine my surprise when i spotted kate lanphear's vintage bag below hanging in the window of a random junk store in long beach. best $10 ever spent!


friggin Ricardo Tisci. godamnit.
i need this jacket. absolutely need it.

images via style and jakandjill

long weekends poop me out

the holiday weekend was fun, but ridiculously hot. these fishies made this restaurant really fun to be in. the food was eh, but the decor was nice.

my bro was not amused with a film about a pregnant teenage girl with the same name as him.

yay! fireworks!

this one is my favorite, it reminds me of the new christopher kane prints.

it was so hot spongebob's right eyeball melted off right after this picture was taken. mine nearly did as well.

had lunch at Newsroom the other day. i normally hate being even in the vicinity of Robertson Blvd but it's worth the trek for these buffalo wings. they're actually made of tempeh. i have this weird aversion to meat on bones, so this is a great alternative for me. they're even shaped and put on little sticks to resemble actual wings and the

i pretty much just go to there for the wings, but i also always order the Avocado Bacon Chicken burger. i love how the patty is not just a chicken breast chunk but an actual ground meat with spices patty. oh and i don't eat pork, so the extra crispy turkey bacon on these is a dream.

stopped by a friend's house and lo and behold his new little kitty, Kika. i'm crazy allergic to cats and pretty much don't like them to begin with (i'm a dog person), but kittens are cute to look at. i knelt down to get something from my bag and Kika starting going nuts playing with my hair.

until she discovered my Slurpee...

wearing Fuct tee, DIY bleached/distressed jeans, snakeskin cowboy boots

Ashish for Topshop fall image via Lulu