Nov 29, 2009

i love when you just sort of stumble into a good movie. a friend was playing The Brothers Bloom last night and i got sucked into watching it. it was pretty entertaining considering i had no expectations going in and had never heard of it. it had some people i'm really into - Adrien Brody (love that nose), Rachel Weisz (so gorgeous), and Rinko Kikuchi (Babel, duh). it's funny and light, but the best part for me was the costumes - mainly Rinko's character, Bang Bang.
Margiela blond hair coat?

asian tourist, cameras? check.

Chanel glasses?

looking great while blowing stuff up. what more could a girl want?

the ones that are out are great and all...

Nov 26, 2009

but whatever happened to these??

no dice?

Nov 24, 2009

no words.

go to insurgency inc if you haven't already.

as i type this my hands are numb

Nov 17, 2009

Alexander Wang booties

April 77 Navajo Jeans

freezing in my damn ice box of a house, wishing i had these.

i'm aware that i am a bad blogger. i hate that word by the way. blogger. bleh.

recently did a photoshoot for a new project coming up from Fashion Is Poison.
read more about it here