first of all, i've been wanting to say...what the hell is Pre-any season? i just don't get it... are my picks so far.


  1. For someone like me who belly-flabbage-concealing is of the utmost-importance, peasant tops and generally anything billowy is a godsend. plus i'm automatically in love with anything in a pale nude shade. i like looking like a washed-out corpse.
  2. ruffles ruffles ruffles...i can never get enough. also good for concealing inner-tube waistlines. on the plus side, when i am pregnant one day, i won't have to buy maternity clothes - my closet will be good to go just as it is.

  3. i think i've mentioned before that i really dig tonal outfits. especially in blacks, whites, and greys. the peplum dress + blazer give a subtle edge to the otherwise straightforward skirt suit.
  4. what the hell do i even say about this jacket. the fur shoulders are so regal. i would just want to command people all day. and then step on them with those insane colored heels.


  5. wool (?) + leather combo coat, yes. is that a frickin rolling luggage nightingale?? what the...
  6. again with the tonal. the all white look is so crisp, whether it's light linens and poplins in the summer or heavy wools like this. i love anything with a cape look as well. this is a nice shorter version. the overall silhouette is so chic. i would imagine this to be the business stormtrooper in HR that all the other soldier stormtroopers would turn in their W-2's to.


  7. since i can't seem to track down the elusive '04 Balenciaga shearling jacket, i've been on the hunt for other equally enticing substitutes. there are lots of these black types with the huge fur collar/lapels and leather bodies. this one's not bad.
  8. the coat is a thing of dreams. that shape. that gigantic oversized satin lapel...


  9. that two tone fur coat is amazing. we've all seen the all black ones or even the crazy neon pink one last year, but this black and white version is my favorite so far. very Daphne Guiness no?
  10. i don't know what to say about this. it's so simple and beautiful and lux. camel coat with a pink fur wrap thingamabob. excellent.


  11. i can't remember the last time (if ever) i liked a red dress. the structured shoulders and (again) capelet top with the full skirt. beautiful proportions. not to mention that beadwork on the chest bib. but then again, what dress wouldn't look good on Stam?
  12. i'm really curious about these boots, i want to see more detail. i'm kind of on the fence but they seem like they could be good. the jacket is so technicolor wowness. my bf doesn't really get why i would like Burberry or Chanel or Prada - he has such a mainstream view of them, thinking they're very St. John-esque matronly brands. i like the odd weirdness that sometimes comes from them every once in a while. very hit-or-miss i know, but when it's a hit (*nudge nudge light bulb heel*) it's a BIG POW hit.


  13. i've been both curious and a bit intrepid when it comes to jumpsuits. the only one i own and love is an actual military fighter pilot flight suit that i usually wear with the arms folded around my waist. i'd be interested in wearing a full top/bottom deal but only if i could find the right proportions/fabric. this one looks nice.
  14. one silhouette i love is a big/long top with a slim bottom, but a lot of times, the bottom becomes an afterthought because you only see the knees down. these pants are the perfect color and have the perfect cut outs. i approve immensely.


  15. shearling and brown leather aviator jacket + pleated peg leg trousers. yes please, thank you. i dig you, amelia earhart.
  16. i would very much like this fluffy shag carpet jacket and also her mile long legs. which, incidentally is the only way in which you could pull off said jacket.

    Louis Vuitton

  17. all i keep thinking is Raqel Welch in One Million Years BC. that said, every other thing from the collection (not to mention the travesty that was SS 2010) sucked ass. HARD.


bravegrrl said...

i want all the givenchy!


ivane said...

a visual orgasm! I'm loving every single outfit from the collections you posted.


love the #2.... yesss!

Isabel said...

Okay, Givenchy #3 is the most marvelous thing I've ever seen in my life.

PS - I wear the black H&M dress I bought from your store all the time.

CA said...

Awesome picks!

ray said...

givenchy for the past couple o years has had my heart.

and that whole vuitton lolita ish is hot

Elisa said...

i know i have a problem, because all i look at are the shoes.


Anonymous said...

I'm in awe of look #4, seriously amazing all grey outfit.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

yes.. #16.. love it.. love most of the ones you posted.

Hélène Heath said...

In my humble opinion, pre-fall is an excuse to make fashion even more fleeting. I mean, why NOT an opportunity to make more clothes?! (note the sarcasm). Though i suppose it keeps us fashion-thirsty individuals quenched until the next "season".

Love your picks - special soft spot for Burberry.

bambi lafru said...

Okay. That's it. I adore your blog. I'm a new fan and you had me at #3 of this post.

Hi. =)