freeway by my house

domino's unbelievable online ordering

my beautiful niece

what i want to wear for the next 6 months

along with this

how i feel these days?

first time i've seen this jacket on another person. looks different from mine.

chanel x margiela crossbreed? celine is taking over.

if only...

various images : caroline, mr newton, dropsnap, iPhone, Fuct SS10


Amanda said...

ahh the celine boots are amaze- i have F21 cropped leggings that copied the chanel nude/black color block thing. saw that pic of yama too- i can't get enough of this girl. it was fun meeting her when i went to tokyo last month!

Misanthropic Pulp said...

Exactly how I feel nowadays as well, if you can't put it in words find a picture...
adore the shirts, wouldn't mind having them×D

love the post.

Caitlin said...

good coice. ponies go with everything! xx

Anonymous said...

hahaha, I love this post.
What's not to love?
Brain bag, awesome Celine boots, and a gorgeous maxi-dress.

Yve said...

I love the huge-ass grey Undercover brain bag from a few years back!
That girl's always on dropsnap, and I just saw her on stylefromtokyo too, with that brain bag!


Amanda - I always wanted the nude/black Chanel tights but fuck paying $$$$$$ for tights. No way!

Yve - yeah the original Undercover one is awesome but I like Yama's better because the color is more brain-like :)

pink horrorshow said...

who is the leather jacket by? I can't tell if her left side is fitted in the sleeve but it's beautiful.

I love watching the domino's delivery status bar :D


pink horrorshow - mine is by Ann Sofie Back, you can get a better idea of the proportions here:

I scrapped her photo cause at first glance I thought she had the same one as me, but upon closer inspection I'm not sure. Her zipper tape seems greenish, I can't tell if that's the lighting or what, but mine is definitely lot, the leather looks a little different too, so I'm not sure if it is a different version of mine by ASB too or a knockoff?

Hélène Heath said...

Ah that Céline boot renders me speechless.. i am obsessed. It's a problem. The best cross-breed i've ever encountered if you ask me!