Above image of the Chanel Cruise 2010/2011 show in Saint Tropez. What an amazing location to have a show. People just sitting in the cafe and along the street. Oh and don't forget the people in the apartments above who got a free show. Lucky M(*#&@%(&ERS !

If you haven't seen Karl Lagerfeld's new short film, Remember Now, go see it right this second HERE! His other previous shorts are on the site as well so don't forget to get acquainted with those too. This one is the most movie-like so far, it's really cute I think - sorry, I can't think of a better word. I think it's the Mungo Jerry that did it for me. Actually I'm pretty sure it is. Or maybe Birkin, Bianca, and Bardot?
hi Karl.


Anonymous said...

loved the film! and great resort collection!



Kirsty said...

love it! and love karl!

Katy said...

Hey Karl. You're one kool kat.


chanel fashion show on the street?
aahh... its just anooother day in s-t.... :)))

Platform P said...

Just scrolled your WHOLE blog.

Think I'm in love with you.

Don't fight it.

:-) x

ray said...

damn the one still with the girls in white is a little like my main B ursula in scarface. can't believe i havent watched it yet... going right now

Hal E. Liebling said...


slegna said...

i didn't get the film one bit!

davidikus said...

Is this a lesbian couple getting married that I see in one of these shots? How very exciting!

Susanne said...

I got to see that pic of Baptiste again *rewinds her scrolling down the pictures*

Lovelovelove Chanel