I recently made the acquaintance of James from Children of Vision, which is a great boutique in New Zealand that has an impressive roster of international designers that are, frankly, sometimes diffucult to find here in the States - at least not in one convenient shop. Bernhard Willhelm (ahem), Complex Geometries, Daniel Palillo, Deadly Ponies, KTZ, Rad Hourani, and TV to name a few. The great thing about discovering new boutiques outside of the US is that they usually have different items/colorways than what's offered here in the US. James and I agree that's it's really refreshing to meet other people that are genuinely enthusiastic about fashion. He's super helpful so do stop by the shop if you're around NZ, or take a peek at their online shop. There are lots of new items coming in soon so check back frequently.

He's also been busy with his own line Jimmy D. Below are some of my favorite looks from the Summer 10/11 collection, entitled Power Trip. It's almost as if I personally requested each and every one of these looks to suit my preferred summer dressing - loose and drapey.

I would happily wear just these looks all summer long.


Sarah Dee said...

Beautiful outfits!!


Zoe said...

oooooo really like

megan said...

ooo I love the drapiness/slouchy quality to these looks. They look so comfy!

megan http://mallratcouture.blogspot.com

amber and hilary said...

fabulous post,
make's me proud to be a New Zealander:)


InnyVinny said...

I feel like we never get the good ish.

I would wear all of this all the time. Everyday. Yup.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

I need to get rid of this beer gut so I can wear half tops again. Well, if I was 22 again it would be a lot better. Cool stuff!

J. said...

Beautiful! Lightweight and gauzy...I love the color palette and the fringe...I love it all!

Obscura said...

yeah, I agree.
this looks like the perfect summer thru fall garb.
thanks for posting this!