random roundup

Alexander McQueen ring at Saks

Ashish AW10 at Browns

Thank you to everyone who sent me links in regards to the Stella dress. They were beyond helpful! After some more research the one I liked the most was the dress below from Japanese brand Haricot Rouge, but still I can't figure out how to buy it. More links! More links!

And then there's this Quiksilver dress at American Rag. Figure could maybe remove the waist tie thing? Close enough, and not bad for $80.

And during my search of keywords "white", "blouse", "shirt", I stumbled on the below PushButton caped shirt at Asos. Me likey.

Oh and also this image on Asos.......which makes me wants to buy whatever it is, NEVER. In fact, she looks like she's warning me NOT to buy it.

And of course another Balmain fail.
(Which incidentally was part of the New Arrivals. DOUBLE HUH???)



i'm sure rihanna snatched that jacket before beyonce.

kaye i. said...

LOL that model's face! Speaking of white dress shirts... do you know the brand Complex Geometries? They have awesome stuff too. I like all the shirts you posted though, I'm not that big of a help, am I?

Anna G said...

Who has 10,000 dollars to buy a jacket??? Definitely mind-blowing. But that ring is so awesome. Perfect just cause I'm a history fanatic and I love vikings.

anna Tran said...

you can never ever go wrong with a crisp white shirt/dress! on my to-do list: stop by american rag to try on the quik dress.

so pretty!




Caitlin said...

yesterday i found a white, long-sleeve, low pocket shirt dress at JC Penney of all places, on super sale for $1.87! best deal ever, and close enough

Sarah Dee said...

The look on the last models face is hilarious!!


Pennerad said...

her face is cracking me up. i also never understood how balmain's $1400 tees were always sold out.
i was able to find a dress similar to the topmost one (shorter, with optional belt) at j. crew. it was a while back and i see nothing on their site now, but it may be a good option come sale time? oh, and madewell maybe.

william said...

I hate how refined and artificial the shearling looks on that balmain jacket.. it's like the life was sucked out of it. They totally jumped on the shearling trend bandwagon. Kind of pathetic.

Ashish's trompe l'oeil sequin tops are brilliant.

Isabel said...

Just had an aneurysm over that sequin plaid shirt.

InnyVinny said...

This post got increasingly ass-clenchy.

Ok, I was kidding. But those last two made me say "seriously?" out loud.

Jade said...

im going to assume there was only 1 balmain jacket for sale and a michael jackson impersenating drag queen got a big tip the day it went online

Kaylene said...

I've been trying to find the shirt with the ruffle drape on the sleeves on the asos sight...no luck... I must be looking in the wrong places

Liz said...

i fucking love you.

Anonymous said...

That ASOS model is going to fuck your shit up if you even think about touching her t-shirt, man. Where do you think she learned how to do such a perfectly-tousled sumo bun? That's right. In the dojo.

(Disclaimer: I have no idea if sumo wrestlers practice in a dojo.)

Copious Couture said...

I love that McQueen Skull ring!!!! Come check out a pair of high waisted silk trousers from my own collection


Anonymous said...

You are beyond hilarious... lol @ the model's face and your huh??? at the sold out status

xo wwww.fashion-feline.blogspot.com

Cami said...

Man that model is fucked!! What the hell!? Or the photographer at least.
The first white shirt is hawwwwt and so is the sequin shit from Browns.

Ps. Yes I am getting into gifs HARD hahaha they just make everything hilarious! x

sarah kitten said...

here's the pushbutton white drape-sleeve shirt, for whoever was asking:



Nice jacket..bad price

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Anonymous said...

love that ring!
cool blog


SANDRA said...

HAHAHAH you make me laugh!! I agree- Balmain, calm down.

as for the h&m maxi dress, GET IT ASAP. it's really cool for this overly hot weather.. sheer and breezy..

I will continue to hunt the long shirt!



great design. maybe you might wanna check out our long-tailed shirt dress too?



Mcmaris said...

I need that Ashish plaid sequined shirt....AMAZE!

Sherrie Cola said...

Hahaha..I'd buy that jacket IF i had the money!

Emily and Abigail said...

that ring is amazing!! great post i think i like the American Rag shirt dress the best! Hope that helps..


Unknown said...

HAHAHAHHAAHH this is absolutely blog of the day that made my day. definitely following!
you have the perspective of a hardcore literalist like me. cheers being angsty the same. ha.

Rackk and Ruin said...

That model reminds me of the post i did on creepy mannequins used by that Etsy seller. . . i couldn't even focuson the clothes!

Anonymous said...

I chanced upon this shirtdress by accident today! super affordable too :)

Blindcopy said...

hahaha, the balmain fail made me really laugh! :)