Nov 9, 2010

"It's pretty simple, you just have to walk."

Didn't think I could possibly love her more, but this is awesometown USA!

Fact: I'm always really curious to hear people's voices.
It's a make it or break it thing for me.


TheMinx said...

she's the coolest, and I love her speaking voice!

Misanthropic Pulp said...

I adore her, she is beautiful, comes across truly sophisticated...
Love her even more after this video...


Anna said...

this video is utterly amazing. freja has always been a favorite, but her accent makes her that much more beautiful!
love the rings shes wearing. love her little tattoos.
and LOVE that she wears simple clothes in black. :)

i'm totally re-posting this. thanks!


Lyana said...

I agree. Her voice was a +1 for me, she's awesome.

Kayla said...

omg what's not to love aboutt this girl?
Her easiness, simple style, and attitude, i love it!

and she has more tattoos than me and is a super model thats insane!
good for her

kaye i. said...

I love everything about her and my, what sexy voice she has.

chantalhughes said...

ugh love her. has to be one of my favorite models!

Lo said...

i have never watched a video of her before, or even heard her speak. she is so much more down to earth than i had expected! shame on me i suppose but knowing this only makes her all the more beautiful.
thanks for posting this!

ray said...


Pennerad said...

i'm also really curious to hear people's voices. and am secretly mortified of hearing my own voice played back on tape. freja seems so chill.