ann sofie back sunglasses

are california weekends back?


-them shoes

-this sweater dress is so unbelievable (with something under of course)
-the jacket could be my jacket's cousin
-that top would look great hanging in my closet

-those boots. gahhh.
-perfect look for a Sherlock Holmes villainess

-currently loving all things that look like i could feasibly curl up and sleep in
-another shearling jacket, yes
-that coat, those sleeves
-mustard velvet

-that sweater coat...mmm....sleep...
-crazy don't-make-sense long dresses with multi prints

-nude leather
-the bubble knit cape looks like the one i wanted...i still want want want
-black fringe coat, any time any where

-peacoat update
-cocoon coat + OTK boots = completely covered up and loving it

-nothing to be said other than much more wearable yet still so goddayam
-moment of silence
(on a side note, rumors of Gareth Pugh taking over?)

-red lips, super ferocious, awesome shoes, duh

-expected radness

-tamer than the man himself
-velvet maxi
-snakeskin rider

-fringe coat/poncho/thing
-shadow plaid + anything = A.ok
-multi print long dresses!!!

-that suit
-the coat
-those poms!

-simple coat
-perfect classic look
-that leopard jacket with that neon floral skirt

get some spring in your step

new nails in anticipation of those damn chandelier heels. it's a long shot, but fingers crossed!

Empress Dior

i've mentioned before that i'm not huge on jewelry and accessories but lately i've been in an inexplicable frenzy acquiring new pieces. see i don't like to have to change out and coordinate accessories everyday. my fashion formula revolves around laziness and comfort and the least amount of thought required to put an outfit together. i like to have a set that i wear every single day and become my constant staples.

spotted this crazy ring at Dior and i must admit, it was not love at first sight. it was peaked curiosity at first sight, but love...not just yet. it took some trying on and walking around (comical i know, for a ring) and just plain marveling at its size. there are times when you see something and you're certain you're drawn to it, but then there's a fine line it teeters on between being monstrous or genius. i inevitably was convinced of the latter.

it kept reminding me of these ancient Chinese hats that emperors and court people wore.
every time i look down at my hand i think of that and it makes me smile. isn't that what fashion is supposed to be afterall? finding pleasure in these treasures we find?


my brain can't wrap itself around fashion and/or all the fall 10 shows at the moment, but what does stand out for me are the shearling jackets. i love shearling lined anything - leather jackets, aviator jackets, denim jackets - even Snuggle, because he looks like shearling.
the left two are from the much talked about Burberry Prorsum show and the right is Helmut Lang, which looks the most wearable to me. I have an aversion towards really heavy jackets and things that come up on my neck. Part claustrophobia and part it-just-makes-me-tired-carrying-something-heavy-on-my-shoulders-all-damn-day.
The most ideal, perfect-in-every-way, wouldn't-change-a-thing, jacket. Balenciaga Fall 2004 RTW show.

this Balenciaga jacket recently caught my eye on Ebay...

hodge podge

l to r : Jeffrey Campbell, Acne, Proenza Schouler

Make absolutely no sense together, but I like you all nonetheless.