I have no fashiony oh-la-la photos to report because in times of inclement weather I pretty much always look like this. See, no joke. I might also add in times of fatigue, when in a rush, a certain time of the month, and during the work week; which basically adds up to about 80% of the time. On NYE, we ate Japanese pizza at home and broke the usual tradition of falling asleep at 11:30 and went out to a local bar. A local bar that had no indication of what time it was and whose basement location didn't allow for people to look up the countdown on their phones. The end result was a packed room of people confusedly setting off poppers in 10 second intervals because no one knew exactly when midnight was. Anti-climactic to say the least.

In 2011 I would like to:
  • save money (pfffft). "Save more money" would have been doubly pfffft.
  • be not so Jay(ne and Silent Bob) with my looks
  • learn something that will make me seem smarter
  • travel more
  • become a Mrs. and maybe put a No Vacancy sign on the womb
  • not use "like" so much
  • not sit shrimp-backed
  • bring more of the inane and less of the douche to the blog
I don't ever make real resolutions, but it's nice to occasionally make mental notes on self-improvement. I'm not perfect, but I sure as hell don't have to be an ignorant slob.


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Isabel said...

Wonderful! I always enjoy your talking about "theoretical" weddings and such - glad to hear its a total possibility!

Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

Shrimp-backed, I've never heard this! You're pretty tall, right? My boyfriend sits like this as well and I cannot wait to tell him that phrase. I like your "would like tos" for 2011, but I have yet to detect one ounce of douche on this blog or any slobbery.

Happy New Year Jayne! xoxo

mink said...

Happy new year!

I didn´t make a new years resolution because i know i can´t keep them haha.

Sister Wolf said...

I want to stop using "like" and I found that if you speak. really. slowly. you. it.

Stop being an Ignorant Slob is also a worthy endeavor.

I want to increase my usage of "cunt" in 2011!

Clara said...

'learn something that will make me seem smarter'

Just do what I do and spend silly amounts of time on google and wikipedia reading about things no-one cares about, ergo no one knows anything on the subject and you 'seem smarter' ha!

And I think less 'resolutions' would be broken if we all just called them mental notes #justsaying

Happy new year!!! xx

wool and misc said...

holy crap @ #5!

Amanda said...

all sound good to me.. some i need to adopt myself! i slob it on the daily. i only put real effort into outfits when i'm "going out" + have at least 2 hours to eff around in my room (which means not on the average work day ha).

samia said...

happy new year!

ahahah that bar sounds like quite the place to be.

and amen on the pffft at saving money. i just bought a piggy bank! you should consider the same, so much better than a bank and you can break in whenever you please.

Rackk and Ruin said...

"Jayne you ignorant slob. . . " sorry, i just to. I do hope you caught reference. I'm sure you did because you are my hero. Your 2011 resolutions look just like mine (except for the ring/baby thing) That will probably come in 2013 (although my boyfriend has been pushing me to become his mrs since day one) HAppY New YeaRs !!

InnyVinny said...

I'm sitting shrimp backed as we speak. Geriatric me is NOT PLEASED.

P.S. if there is a "no vacancy" womb sign celebration, I'm bringing baby wings. said...

love your resolutions. you just put a huge smile on this gals face.

Lara said...

Yup, def need to save $, have better posture, travel, dress better... there has been no douche on your blog!!!

Oh... and yeah, can we get some engagement rings on our fingers? It's been 2 years for me. How bout you?

kaye i. said...

The fifth one made me really smile! Happy new year, lady :))

Anonymous said...

Adore your blog
happy new year


Vintage Pattern Vault said...

"No vacancy on the womb" That shit is BOSS girl.

Pennerad said...

oh my god, there's going to be baby wings?

damn.just learned shrimp-backed. good thing my resolution involves veggies and yoga. and not shrimp backing. heh. curse this aging...

Unknown said...

Geee. I like the douche side of you. (Not that it would seem you had another one, of course.)But, more of the inane? Sounds good to meeee! :)

I fell in love with your blog, in dec2010 and still am.
Your style of writing simply brings tears of laughter to my eyes. You seem like an incredible and very intelligent (oh, how stupid that sounds... ._.)person to me, precisely because of your writing.

Enough of talking. I'd like to show you some links I've stumbled upon, but I think it's easier to post them on my blog. Hope you like it.

And a happy happy new year to you, too!
a fan from vienna

denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

MAKE IT HAPPEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pomeline said...

I like the douche you bring to the blog. Don't change it for inane, gross.