For some reason it's oddly pleasing when I learn that someone I admire has good taste in the opposite sex. Growing up around skate rats and being the tomboy chick, it was always so disconcerting to watch the really rad guys around me date Rocket Dog wearing so-so girls. I mean, like it matters right? But still, So it was such a nice surprise to discover that one of my favorite skate figures, Salman Agah, has an equally awesome lady. Salman Agah is, afterall, one of the most iconic skaters of the 90s, who also produces the Skatebook series. Price Latimer are a babe. Of epic proportions.
Skatebook 3 Bart Simpson cover
Oh these? Just some vintage Yohji pants.
This old thing? You know, some Wes Lang hangin in my house. Casual.
images via thecoveteur


Ana G said...

This is the first time i see her, i think she rocks! am dying for the jacket in the first picture.
The vintage pants are awesome. (I want to see it on, the print is amazing)


Ilona de Vries said...

beautiful post and great blog!


anastacia bogdanova said...

she s really cool!
i love those pics!

Caitlin said...

yeah i get you. it makes you disappointed in the human race, that kind of thing...

Unknown said...

I really love your hair at this length, i have probably said this too many times. You're a very elegant woman

Lina said...

great stuff.:) i am following u now;)

Anonymous said...

Great blog but, this Price Latimer is the WORST!

Common people!

Just look at that narcissistic photo, she is in dire need of a major make over, that hair is terrible, completely gruesome makeup, and what is with that stare?

Far from anything remotely glamorous.