Jul 11, 2011

Created by: Pierre-André Senizergues
Design: Gil Le Bon Delapointe
Architecture: Francois Perrin


Wild Flower said...

That is too damn cool! That is not just the future of skateboarding but the future of how we can live in our spaces!

anastacia bogdanova said...


Amanda said...

woah so future!

supercalifragilisticexpialidocious said...

you know , this is the best part of your blog . you like fashion . you like skateboarding . LIKE WHAT ! YOURE PERFECT ! and yeah when i saw the vid of the architect describing this house i was just gawking repeatedly at the screen .

Lizzie Lo said...

i loved this!!! i was there this summer!!!
its La Gaîté Lyrique… and the big metal box in the back is a sound proof concert cube… the place is amazing!