Stine Goya sweater // GAP plaid flannel skirt // Opening Ceremony buckle wedges // Givenchy Pandora bag

Pixelman and I went on an uncharacteristically bourgeois date at the new Gold Class Cinema in Pasadena. I've been to a theater like this before in Thailand, where you have your own fancy squishy reclining couch and a table for food and drinks and even blanket service, but it didn't cost anywhere even near this place. Don't get me wrong, it is nice and way more luxurious than a regular theater, but really only worth it if you're actually going to take advantage of the food menu and eat-while-you-watch experience.
While we were waiting outside, I was practicing how to cross my eyes à la Pixelman. He does this thing where he only crosses one eye inward and the other stays forward. Qualities to cherish in your mate #eyeballautonomy

And thank you Espen for this sketch. (from this post)


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Trompe l'oeil cable knits and shredded actual cable knits. Into it.


I've been dying to cut all my hair off and thanks to Lulu I finally found a good visual representation of what I was imagining in the form of Kiko Mizuhara. Blunt bob straight across. But as Shini tweeted: Note to self: When I'm buying tights, I am buying the tights, not the model's legs... I too have to remember that just because I cut my hair like this doesn't mean my face will morph into fairy, gamine-like features like hers...sigh...nonetheless, still want.However, the real issue is convincing my emo-loving, modern, sci-fi guy of a mate into letting me get, or rather still be attracted to me, after said cut. He thinks a haircut like that has zero sex appeal and is dorky and child-like. "There's nothing cool about it." So I get this in my inbox this morning:

Subject : "I don't mind a bob"

(with this image attached)


And then at 11:07am I get this email. No subject, no body, just attached image...
Pixelman - 1, Me - 0

Too many Photoshoppers in this kitchen.


Theory bomber jacket // H&M button down shirt // H&M sweater // Proenza Schouler x J Brand jeans // Proenza Schouler shoes

It used to irritate me so much when people wore exact runway looks, but more and more these days I find myself inspired to do my own interpretation with stuff in my closet. I had always wanted these jeans but they were waaaay too much, so after finding them super discounted a few weekends ago I couldn't pass them up. I think maybe there was a subconscious plan to wear them with these shoes. Somehow it all ended up a little tooooo Proenza Schouler Fall 2010 for my taste, but oh well, I guess I got it out of my system.


My mind has already been beaten into glorious submission by Givenchy under Tisci's rule and now I'm pretty much on auto-pilot zombie for any of his collections but this Haute Couture collection especially tugged on my little Asian heart strings. It's like something out of an epic period piece. I'm wishing someone would make a full length feature film just to see all these looks in action. How ethereal.
above - my favorite Asian model at the moment, Fei Fei Sun
above - another favorite, Tao Okamoto

They could use the looks from the last Haute Couture show (below right) and the film would be something like the battle between Good versus Evil...Light versus Dark...Mazinger Z versus Black Magic. With an insane female ensemble cast.

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I mean can you IMAAAAGINE?!?!


Weekday coat // H&M leather tee // F21 leopard skirt // Club Monaco hat // Chloe Susan boots // Mosley Tribes sunglasses

Woke up on Friday in rare form, actually wanting to look presentable (only possible because that one Celine pre fall look had been circulating in my head and who wants to stand around in the morning actually trying to think of something to wear pffft). Not exactly the greatest execution, but it got me through the day. And what a lazy day it was...had lunch at our skatepark and enjoyed some sun while walking through the path back in to the office. It's nice to get some Vitamin D every once in a while. Fitness 2011 here we go...


Twitter was inundated with real-time tweets of the Givenchy Mens Fall 2011 show and everything was Rottweiler this, rabid dog that. I was curious to say the least and finally got around to checking it this morning.

Truth be told, I would be nervous and stand a little more upright and stiff-backed than usual if I saw this dude approaching me on the street. Weirdo enough to scare the shrimp back out of a girl! More Vitamin D, less choker huh?
Menswear will always be the best source of inspiration. Need tonal varsity jacket and doggy print shirt STAT.
And things that make you go hmmmm....the rabid Rottweiler print plaid shirt looks an awful lot like the Neighborhood shirt I posted about last year....but why have one, when you could have two?
Which reminded me to take another look at the SS10 Magnificent Seven collection, which you should never do because you will almost always see something you missed then be sad you can't get it anymore.
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This picture = first smile of the new work week.

But is it Friday yet?


What minimalist ninjas wear to fancy parties? What else goes with all black?

They know what's up.


Ann-Sofie Back jacket // H&M dress // YSL boots // Surrounded Night necklace courtesy of Brook&Lyn

Finally found a nice little woodsy area to take some daylight photos. Was hoping for some beautiful sunlight to cast a soft halo around my head and maybe even a flare or two...but careful what you wish for. One became two, two became seven, ten became oh I give up...

...I'll just stick to dank parking garages.


If you're like me, plagued by back-of-the-knee-sweats (don't even get me started on my Whitney Houston upper lip sweating) and not a big fan of skin-baring, then loose maxi dresses will be your Lord Jesus Christ and Savior in the coming summer.

It's already 80 in LA, are we just skipping Spring this year or what?


Fun Spring 11 bags from Jil Sander.

The last bag is such a clever design. The clutch alone is worth it. Would love to see it in a different color combo though. Spotted it at Barneys while on a date with Mimi and Joelle. As I get older I'm beginning to gravitate more towards girlfriends. I spent a good 25 years of my life hanging with grimy boys and now in my 30s I'm appreciating little things like lunch/shopping dates. It's a nice break from my usual super speedy in-out purchasing experience, to be able to try things on together and pow wow with people whose taste you trust.

Weekday coat // Zara linen tee and snake pants // YSL boots

I wish there were four of me...
One to sleep
One to eat
One to work
and One for misc.

Or at least 10 more hours of sunlight in the day. Ok I would settle for 5.


Ashish x Topshop 2011


Fallon Spring 2011 ring

Good design.