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With the help of some eye-opening observations from friends, I've come to accept that my 2013 style trajectory is headed for Hoboville, USA. Case in point - these pants from Kaal E Suktae. While for some (read: majority?) these may be terribly offensive and downright ugly, they hit the deepest chords of love in my patchwork heart of hearts. So now you know where I'm headed. Be forewarned.


LOLA FINN said...

Great design!!
I like this mix of fabrics! It looks like something special!

TheMinx said...

these are fab, so if you're a hobo, you're definitely the queen of the hobos

Annie Chang said...

amazing patches!


Severine Arend said...

Screw everybody.

Hoboville here we come !

Ria said...

Just looking at them there, I'm not into it but I know if you wore them I'd be like oh man those pants are so chic.

Cloudline Chic Flows said...

I hear you sista.