Now that I've been home for a while and sufficiently gotten the mania of being in the thick of NYFW out of my shocked system, I can finally reflect back fondly on the shows I had seen.

Not gonna lie. The show was super long. Forty four looks? (don't quote me on that) A few of the looks could have been left out, but basically the rest of the forty or so looks could feel free to get on my body right now (while we still have some chill). Oddly enough one of my favorite looks was the below dress. Who am I becoming? A lady you dare say?! Well to balance it out, another look I favor...straight up androgyny.

Although I've never met Amy Smilovic of Tibi personally, I'm going to believe in my mind that she made these shorts JUST. FOR. ME. And no one can tell me otherwise.

What's going on with me and dresses?? I let out a gasp (that may or may not have annoyed the back neck of Doutzen Kroes who sat in front of my dodging head) when this cocoon-shaped confusion of a dress walked past. But as usual, it is just my affinity for quilted things. And all was good in the world. But quilted pants? Please excuse me while I attempt to control myself...
Dear Olivier. All the pants. Size 6. Please. Kthanksbye.

And although I was disappointed to miss the Calvin Klein Collection show, the internet was there for me as always and showed me all the things I missed, as I sat in pajamas, unshowered. (I'm VIP in my house ok?) It's probably for the better though. Had I, in real time, spotted these gigantic oversized web belts cinching the balloon shape pants I do so favor now, I cannot say what might have transpired. This is maybe the one Fall item I will for sure be stalking some unfortunate PR professional for. My advanced apologies.


Amanda said...

tibi shorts, yes. that belt, INFINITY YES. stalking that shit too!

Em said...

That quilted Theyskens dress is perfection. Looks like it'd be oddly warm too?

I hope Tibi, Olivier, and Calvin get in on sending you some swag!

ray said...


Tibi kills it and you were the muse for those shorts. she told me duh ;]

Jealous you saw that Lang up close. LIKE WHOAH


amalie said...

sooo loving the different textures here x

Unknown said...

ive been loving amys more recent pieces.
great collections.
i live close to moynihan station and saw the TT scene hahaha


gladys grimaldi said...

I feel like you should be a designer, I bet you could make better clothes.

Isabelle said...

It have been few days since I read this article, and I can't stop thinking about these belts !