Mar 12, 2013

Gorgeous matte PU trench and iridescent parka from Wanda Nylon. While I was in Hong Kong this past January I discovered Wanda Nylon while lurking the mens section of Harvey Nichols. A crazy beetle-esque windbreaker first caught my eye. There was a also short moto version of the above left in a transparent black, but this trench version is so chic, so Blade Runner dominatrix. There hasn't been a whole lot of new-new for me with emerging brands, but insanely beautiful and forward rainwear is definitely refreshing. Just look at their new collection.


Charlie said...

So glad to discover this new designer too! That first coat is a beautiful thing.

Marta said...

the shiny one, please?? BREATHTAKING


Amanda said...

amazing.. both of them! trying to go to hong kong this year as well. will have to pick your brain if i do..

klee said...

wanda nylon and simone rocha'a AW13 line are blowing my mind right now.

Anonymous said...

Hi ! The green iridescent are sold out yet we have new lilac iridescent looks on our website
Best, WN team