J.W. Anderson shirtdress via TheRealReal // vintage Levi's // Trademark slippers

Lately it seems like all the LA transplants know the city better than us natives, so this weekend I did something different for a change and went exploring. Special days call for special clothes, so I actually made a concerted effort not to wear a sloppy tshirt and put on my new favorite J.W. Anderson shirtdress (another TheRealReal miracle find) and headed out to the Stahl House, historic Case Study #22. Fun way to spend the afternoon and take in the city views.

With Mother's Day around the corner, you could try doing something new besides the usual brunch. Fill her belly and take her on a tour of a beautiful historic landmark. BOOM. Mother's Day solved. And if you're still looking for a gift, here are my picks below.


Unknown said...

That shirtdress is amazing, like the detail on it !


Liv Isabelle said...

What a beautiful place, apartment & view!

Liv Studios

Unknown said...

I really like that shirtdress!

lb-lc fashion blog

fashionitg450 said...

So beautiful shirt landscape and furnitures!

Lauren Dimesky said...

I must see this historic treasure! Didn't know about it…looks like it was used as a movie set as I recall! And…the RealReal is another treasure which I thank you for turning me on to--for both myself and mother!!!!

adorn la femme

Unknown said...

I need to make it out here someday! The view is absolutely stunning! I also too need to make more of an effort and put on more than a t-shirt when I go out while I explore the complex city of LA!

be the plebeian

Ronoh Robert said...

Beautiful outfit

Shay said...

hahah HOLY SHIT, Jayne, I want to be my own person but I also want to be completely and wholly you. thanks for being so inspiring and whatever.

- recent graduate with a broke (but semi perky) ass


Iconic house!
And thanks to you I learned about TRR.

Lucy Van Dean said...

I love these photos! <3 Love your look. :)

Lucy Van Dean | Instagram

Elysa said...

Beautiful pictures! Especially the secong one!

MooreT said...

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BLK and NOIR said...

I know this house! Its from the movie "why do fools fall in love" (1999) starring halle berry..this must be the house.