single white female

i don't know if anyone's ever noticed, but single white female has some pretty awesome 90s fashions. the color palette is a lot of muted pastels and blacks. and then there's bridget fonda with that brilliant red hair and pale skin.

i, of course, did not notice this the first time i saw it in the theatre because i was 12. and sandwiched between my mom and her friend. who, oblivious to threat of masturbation and stiletto murder scenes, thought'd it be nice to take in a girly movie on a fine saturday afternoon. um, no.

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WPZ - Sandy said...

I saw this again recently too... and remember when I was watching it the first time around, sitting on the carpet near the fireplace playing with my Barbies while my parents watched, and doing one of my 'I don't feel like I'm really supposed to be watching this so I'll just pay half attention' deals. So I didn't really know what it was about at all, just knew that it had a 'creepy' element -- so clueless!