my #2 belgian

Ann Demeulemeester FW 09
love the corset/belt/ribcage thing

Ann Demeulemeester SS 09
just felt like showing those shoes again.

(#1 being Margiela and #3 being Dries Van Noten of course)

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WPZ - Sandy said...

Ahhh, for me it's Dries, Margiela, Ann... I love all their ideas but realistically I feel I can better pull off 'ingenious casual-classic-twists with ethnic/embellished elements' better than the more pure conceptual avant garde stuff.

I just realized I was missing sections of posts by only clicking on the month-archive pages without going for 'older posts'... it's just nice to find a blog whose approach/choices/voice inspires and makes you think and remember... thanks for that!