silky smoov

May 31, 2009

you know what's awesome? i got some gift certificates to opening i'm now eyeing this incredible stud-printed silk trench coat.

you know what else is awesome? i had the most epic birthday bbq/party ever and didn't take one single picture. GREAT. not.


Isabel said...

I thought this was a crossword puzzle print, until I saw the close up of the 'studs'. This is neat!

Heavy Metal Fashion said...

Wow! Excellent! This looks a lot like the A. Wang prefall studded coat but in done with a print.

Brilliant idea.

I want to find some of that fabric! The high heel docs are great too...


noirohio vintage said...

but thats how you know it was an awesome birthday -- you were too busy to take pics!! That trench is awesome!!

Liz! said...

I think this print is really interesting. I slapped it up on my blogular as well...thanks for sharing! PS- i think you should buy it, it is your birthday.