so i pretty much spent the whole day not even thinking about the fact that it was my birthday. i was home alone all day in my pjs and then at night had plans to spend my birthday dinner with my family as is customary. everything for my family revolves around good food and good conversation. we laugh, we eat, we love each others' company. my cousin just returned from paris so we had been dying to reunite for some shabu shabu. tonight was the perfect chance.

after you finish all the meat and veggies, they throw in udon noodles and after that, they cook rice in the pot. this is what it looks like after we're all full.

no fun to just part ways right after, so we always go to a cafe and talk some more. we went to this one thats famous for their sweet potato cake, which ended up being my 2nd time blowing out candles :)

good times! it's always nice to spend these kinds of moments with your family. but it's not over yet....i was thoroughly pooped and beyond full so dragged my ass home, only to walk in and be greeted by two super thoughtful roommates with this. yep, 3rd time blowing out candles!

they are DUDES by the way. imagining them at a bakery ordering these is just too cute.

nope. not over yet......and to top off everything else......i finally won this.....most EPIC ebay score everrrrrr.

talk about a seriously awesome birthday.

but i'm glad it's over :)


Rackk and Ruin said...

so glad you had a fantastic birthday! i think if there is great food consumed, and friends/family around it's been a great birthday. If you win a killer patched jean vest on ebay at the end of it all. . . it's def been a great birthday! xx

Anonymous said...

you're seriously one of the prettiest korean girls I've seen. I hate the big eyed pikachu korean girl "look". Also love that you're natural looking and you don't cake on the smokey eye/eyeliner.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY......I love when koreans just put rice into every hot pot after all the ingredients are eaten..oh and the requisite beaten egg. Its the best part.

Cruz said...

Looks like you had fun, pass those cupcake things please. That vest is fucking epic!

July Stars said...

Looking forward to seeing pics of you wearing your ebay find, love it!

gennie said...

omg the little cakes your roommates bought you are so cuuttteeee.

i second luxirare's comment. you are so pretty!!!!! i love how our birthdays are so close together :D

Kaela said...

That VEST is the BEST! hehe.

xo k

Elle said...

happy burpppdaaay!

dr. oc2pus said...

Happy Birthday Jayne! Sorry I did not get to spend this one with you... That vest is a ridiculous score!

WPZ - Sandy said...

Happy, oh, belated, um, two birthdays ago... but I have to concur you are so freaking gorgeous, I love that pic where you're surprised by the third candle-presentation, so sweet.

I've had shabu-shabu once in a Japanese place and they didn't do any tasty udon or rice-age. I really feel like I missed out.