take me to the printers

i was pining over these damn christopher kane spring 09 dresses for so long and was saddened when i saw them at barneys and knew i couldn't afford them. the gorilla print is so fucking great.

and now he's gone and blown my mind again with these nuclear explosion prints. fuck.

i love how he describes them, sinister - but beautiful. my sentiments exactly.
too bad the shoes aren't for sale.

images via style.com


Cruz said...

Those prints are really badass, the a bomb prints blew me away (pun unintended lol). I'd love to get my hands on the t shirts.

Isabel said...

The bomb dress in the middle is 'da bomb'. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Actually, I like these much better than the gorilla dresses!

REBECCA said...

I totes agree. I saw the kane gorilla dress on Mrs. Aldrige and it was SICK. The gorilla stuff is so much more powerful, it practically jumps out and into your face :)