polaroid via my Pixel Mancirca 1986

Wishing all you guys an excellent new year. Hold on to the rad moments in 2009 and let all the rest go. Fresh slate for 2010. Thank you for all your support and I promise I will try to be better about updating in the future. This economy sucked ass this year, but hopefully will take a turn for the better soon. All we can do in the meantime is support fashion and do our part to stimulate in any way. So go out and buy your Chanels or Target tees or vintage finds, it's not about the price or brand, it's about how much you love it and how you wear it. Be yourself...because there's no one better than you.

usual suspects

Marc Jacobs watch band bracelet, Keerstin Wintrup leather snake bracelet, H&M ring, vintage ring, Casio calculator watch, gold two finger ring, my mama's ruby and opal ring, and my new Nolex. Thank you Pixel Man

2010 is starting off fuckin right. new Ann Sofie Back x Topshop collabo. yes.

why oh why


aint no thang but a chicken Wang

visited opening ceremony the other day and stumbled upon the jacket below. i can't even begin to tell you how gorgeous they are. the fur are individual little tassels and the buttery leather is just heavenly. it's the only leather jacket that has rivaled my Ann Sofie Back one. it's official, i'm obsessed.

Alexander Wang leather/fur jackets available at opening ceremony

Ann Sofie-Back assymetric biker poncho, Emerica flannel, RVCA jeans, Gareth Pugh two tone wedges

Santa Baby,

i would be ever so grateful.
went to SF this past weekend. note to self: poll readers for cool spots before traveling. stayed at Hotel Union Square. excellent location, not so excellent sized room. petite queen. emphasis on petite.

awkward diner bathroom hallway pose? F21 leopard coat that completely squelched my misery over the lost APC leopard coat from way back. yohji docs were a dream in the rainy weather and 48 hours of downtown walking.

Thrasher/Neckface dude.

Sketchiness at its non-classiest. Can't get enough of my Ann Sofie Back leather jacket.

which makes a little cameo in the below photo. why hello there. oh and hello beer in hotel room.

Doritos in bed.

Thank you pixel man ♥

left: FW08 $11,795 / right: SS09 $10,995

left: FW08 $11,395 / right: SS09 $6,295

left: SS08 $10,745 / right: FW05 $8,800

left: SS08 $6,595 / right: SS09 $4,995

SS09 $3,995

if only i could own this denim jacket and the lips shirt (which is incredible in person).

possible DIY?

Maison Martin Margiela Artisanal