I hate hats on me. My man loves hats on me. The only hats I've actually seemed to like are Acne's - this one and the Sue Ellen hat from a little while back. I hope he's not reading this, or else I'm going to find it in my room tomorrow. Er...maybe that's a good thing? The look on the right is everything a thumbs up was meant to be. It reminds me of my friend Emmelie, who could probably wear the shit out of it.


Sarah Dee said...

not to sure about the hats (not much of a hat person either!) but I LOVE the white outfit!!!


InnyVinny said...


Get the hat. I think it would look great.

MeganRose. said...

at first i'm wondering, zits wth? lol you're so cute!

cindiddy said...

Hey!! Thanks for coming by and commenting! i actually come to ur blog every now and then. Love it esp that nail post.


WPZ - Sandy said...

It's cool that your guy actually has a love of something on you... C doesn't care whatsoever what I wear, but I'm glad he at least seems to be happy for me enjoying myself as I do with my obsessions.