Sep 25, 2010

I'm hoping to move again into a more semi-permanent situation early next year (more on that later) so I've been daydreaming about furniture and interiors. By no means am I an "interior" person. Wait, what would the word be for that? Like how people who are into food are foodies and women who are into fashion are fashionistas, and let's not forget Maxxanistas. So what would you call people who are super into interior design? Well whatever it is, I am not one. I just like what I like. I'm pretty generic.

So amidst my furniture daydreaming and creation of the unattainable wishlist, I stumbled on All Modern Furniture's site. It's one of the 200+ sites under CSN Stores that has everything from wardrobes to lighting to modern kitchen and living room pieces. They have all the big brands and a huge selection. These are a few of the things I'd buy if I had imaginary money leftover after buying all the shoes from my wishlist.

Kartell Pop Sofa - all I've ever wanted is a Chesterfield, but this looks so comfy and those arms!
Cocoon Fires hanging fireplace - you can put this anywhere because you don't need a chimney!
Knoll Platner dining table - I want a round table so everyone can see each other.
Knoll Platner armchair - too matchy matchy to do with the table, but good for the living room.
Heller Studio 65 kiss sofa - no reason. Just wheeeeeeee!
So much better than Ikea.

But then what about Swedish Meatballs?

I'm hungry.


InnyVinny said...

We should do dinner at Ikea. I'm serious. Those meatballs are wicked delicious.


modern classics have that rich history and avant-garde flavor i like the most ;)

Sally said...

That hanging fireplace is THE coolest! I want one :)

Karafina said...

first of all...

a hanging fireplace?!? wtf, how come i never seen one of these? i want!

and second, i want that that sofa too!!

Fashion Intel said...

I'll take the Longan juice they sell at IKEA! So you're probably moving.....back to the Eastsiiiiiiiide?

Maria said...

They have the best potato chips too...lol.

Caitlin said...

i go for the hot dogs. dont care what they're made of xx

gennie said...

maxxinista - LOLLLLLL

I HATE THOSE COMMERCIALS WITH A PASSION. they give people in my line of work a really bad name.

DREAMY said...

i'm pretty sure the lips sofa was designed on those of lindsey wixson, no?

WPZ - Sandy said...

LONGAN juice? How have I missed this?

I like the sound of 'decor whore', which I kind of am, in phases... by now you probably already have a place and have experienced the joys of nesting but man, I freaking love that process. Clothing the abode... but then that's partly why I really desperately need to declutter too, because it's fuxxing up my 'vision'.