Oddly enough, speaking of H&M...two interesting pieces being released in July/Aug...that bag!

and I present to you...the Converse Heel by Davide Allieri


In response to the Margiela heels in my last post, William (damn you again!!) tipped me off to these FA10 Margiela boots at Luisaviaroma which apparently have a metal horse shoe heel. I love horses and I love Margiela, well how about that? Of course I couldn't close the screen without doing my seasonal oogling of Luisaviaroma's other new offerings either.

clockwise from top left : Margiela, Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester, Givenchy

clockwise from top left: Margiela, Tom Binns, Delettrez

Not that I can afford any of these, but you bet your ass I can oogle with the best of them. More importantly, I'm a mean stalker and can hunt down a good bargain. Maybe some of these will last through the next round of sales? I'm not much of an impulse buyer anyway, so if I still want something in 6 months or a year and somehow I miraculously find it, then it's meant to be! Otherwise, there will always be another season to torture me.

*for some reason I've been obsessing over the idea of red tights with red shoes these days.

hello wtf

As I was listing my Chanels on eBay today, I had a curious moment and wondered what the current lowest and highest priced pair of shoes were. I've done this a few times before and the lowest priced shoes are usually understandably so, but the highest priced ones are usually some sort of exotic skin or crazy rare runway something or other. Below are the current low and high.
#%(*&^#$(*&@#$&^@!!!!! Please tell me you're feverishly rubbing your eyes like I was when I first saw these. Mind you, I first saw these as a small thumbnail and then my curiosity was met with a huge fuck you axe kick to the face with this enlarged photo. CAAAAANDY. It is apparently a brand called Gasoline Glamour. I don't even have anything clever to say about it.

Then there's always the curious case of the overpriced item. For instance, the "punk clog" (I kid you not, that's what the listing says) pictured below that is priced at a reasonable $1,990 USD. Notice how I had to specify USD...
I'm assuming these are actually $19.90 and were mistakenly listed - and hopefully part of that mistake was referring to them as "punk" as well. But then this makes me wonder if Candyland Gaga reject up there are also actually $70.00 and just missing the decimal point? If you are foolish enough to purchase those for $7,000 then you better make damn sure that candy is edible and makes you shit gold bullions for at least a good solid year. You can wear it with your $1,500 Balmain t-shirt, idiot.


Happy Go Skateboarding Day!

I realize I got a bit carried away with all the bike stuff, which I know some of you are not that into, but maybe you got at least a good chuckle? If not, go get a sense of humor. KIDDING. I thought about breaking up my posts into different days but I've never been good with pacing myself, which resulted in two-wheeled overload. Well here's some fashiony shit to balance out the day. I promise, no more after this...

You get it...

I had the requisite "oh! cool!" moment like most everyone upon initial discovery of the DSquared spine heels. But, the more and more I saw them circulating on every blog I grew increasingly mehhhh. The plain ankle boot and elastic band version have been mentioned more than I can keep up with and are now available for pre-order at Luisaviaroma, along with an OTK boot version - all of which I am, again, pretty mehhh about. But hold up! Excuse me? I am completely sold on the left pair below. I'd never seen this laced version. Now I want. Damn you internet!!!!
images via style and google image search

with cheese please

While perusing zany sidecar action, I stumbled across this gem, who I will now refer to as my Hero. Actually, let's call him Hero #2 since no one can ever dethrone Mr. Laurence Tureaud. Back to this guy, he's obsessed with hamburgers (clearly) as am I so naturally I would fall in love with his custom hamburger harley, or the Burger Trike as he calls it. I would drive this thing everywhere. Is there anyone that can build me one of these? I'm being completely serious.
via google image search

And as you all know, one google image search often turns into a chain of searches (and in my case, becomes a day-long activity) and I'm posting these because of their, well, obvious relevance. Moreover, obvious awesomeness.



hop in, i'll give you a lift

My co-worker and I exchange images daily and today he sent me the this one...
We were cracking up over it and I started looking for more. These are just a few...
via google image search

It's amazing what an idea and some tools can yield. I guess that's with everything though.


Finally got around to scanning this book I had at home. It chronicles American motorcycle racing from the 40s to the 80s with great photos. A good book to check out if you're into this sort of thing.
Below is William S. Harley (older gentleman in suit in the middle) and Bill Davidson (far right).
Above is a 1966 CRTT 250 Harley Davidson Sprint and it randomly made me think of my friend Len's bike that he built (pictured below). It just one Best Original at the Born Free Show this past weekend.


Yep, still obsessing over the sequin shirt I previously posted about and pretty much everything else from the Ashish AW10 collection. I'm generally not a fan of sequins, but the way he does it is discreet and I can get down with that. I love the precision and the clean lines of the patterns and how the sequins just give it that subtle bit of sparkle. I would gladly trade most of my wardrobe for the 4 runway looks below. Why do I keep thinking of Garfield?
via google image search

I blame Grace. hehe


I am in dire need of some new hair. I have had the same hair - with and without bangs - pretty much for the past 6 years now. I'm lazy and don't like styling, let alone brushing my hair. I can't stand hair in my face so it has to be long enough to be pulled tied back or be short enough to be completely out of my eyes. The thing is I had dude hair in high school and a bob in college and the lesson I've learned is that I look bad with short hair, horrible in fact. But then long hair gets old and is too "pretty" unless you go for the ultra dirty scraggly look, at which point it looks "edgier" but results in a rat's nest/dread at the back of my neck. What to do, what to do....
Absolutely in love with the bottom photo that has been making the blog rounds lately. Her hair is perfection, as is Devon's similar but shorter hair in the photo above it. Love both but they're a bit similar to what I have now. Perhaps just a trim and lighten for summer? I'm a complete wuss when it comes to messing with the color of my hair. It's currently entirely my natural color and it's been that way for most of my life, minus the few times in high school and college I put in a singular Manic Panic streak here and there. Dying all of it seems like a lot work - I don't think I can commit to the root touch-up and maintenance. Again with the laziness. Maybe just lighten the ends? Meh........this is getting really jumbled.

Thoughts? What do you think I should do?