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Jammin' on the one, jammin' on the one. Jammin' on the one, jammin' on the one.


Rick Owens x Joyce iPhone case

Finally scratched one off my wishlist.

Only 9,671,248 more to go...


Isn't it about time someone invented these already??
It would really make my life easier.

ps. Whatever happened to Sibyl Buck?





image via carolinesmode

Fashion photographer? Or excited tourist?


Balmain // Celine // Givenchy

I really really need a new bag. I've been needing a new bag. I've never really been a bag person though. There are so few that I've actually obsessed over. Plus, I can't stand switching them out.

These three are the ultimate. The only bags I would give anything for. Wait, that might be a stretch - it is hard to depart with $2K+ all at once. So let me rephrase, if money were not an issue these three are the bags I would get and never look back. I can't really say that with shoes because there will most likely always be another pair that I will want. But these? I would never have to look at another bag for the rest of my life.

Pixelman, if you are reading: I MEAN IT!!


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Back in the Town Car...[I] ask Reubens whether he had the kind of relationship with his toys that Pee-Wee has. "Oh, absolutely," he says. "I was the kid who was always checking that the toys weren't facedown. I wouldn't want to be that stuffed bear and be like, My face is mashed down."

My grandmother told me once, when I was very young, that toys had feelings too. I think she was trying to teach me to respect and take care of my property, but it resulted in me developing this creepy sense that inanimate objects really did have souls. I didn't actually have very many dolls, but from that point on I always left them face up or in comfortable seated positions. Trucks and cars always had to be right side up. To this day, I use the same methods when packing old childhood things or knick-knacks away. Old habits die hard.


My bestest friend, Gyuri.
Dazed Korea's Keep Young and Beautiful Chanel campaign.


Who wants to guess what I typed for the search this time around?

These were both labeled as "fetish" - for what? I have no frickin' clue. Neither should you.

The bottom one is going to give me nightmares, I just know it.


♥ image via shinyplastichag

Need to find the perfect leopard jacket to do this to!
I'm obsessed with dip-dying, dip-bleaching everything these days. Ombre madness!!!


Zara / Style By Kling

This is exactly what I want my fall to look like. Clean, no more tattered things.

Julia Sarr Jamois

Besides Kate Lanphear, Julia is the only current lady that gives me the fashion tingles.

It's all about the laid back style people!


The last of the Fashion Week posts. I usually look at the New York, London, Milan, and Paris schedules beforehand and list what shows I'm going to look up, instead of wasting my time looking through a million photos of brands I don't even like. This means that all the ones on the list are my favorites and the ones I look most forward to seeing, this time around being around 40 shows. You'll notice that I'm not posting about 40 shows and that's because I was waaay underwhelmed this season. Ooooh don't I sound like quite the authority? I had about 15 left from the list to write about after the last fashion week post, and I am only doing two here. You can see why...

WTF RTW. There were 87 looks. EIGHTY SEVEN. That's my first WTF of this show. Here are my others:

-Crystal Renn - please stop repping plus size girls. Unless you're wearing the world's most maximum strength Spanx ever, you are not plus size anymore. Good for you though, you're average now, in fact maybe thinner than average, but please stop trying to be the voice for big girls all over, because you're no longer one of them.

-Below nonsense - I normally get weak-in-the-knees when I see a masculine guy with a baby, but this is not one of those times. This is not ok. Not even in Canada.

-Erin Wasson - this girl doesn't give two shits that this isn't the Rock & Republic show. Whoever the runway director was, he/she had no control over Ms.Wasson's pose game.

-Karl - 87 looks dude. Two of which were Baptiste - which was one two too many. And I wasn't even impressed by your use of Stella, Kristen, Angela, or Ines. Do you see that woman, Karl?

YES!!!! My favorite collection with the most brilliant, wearable looks. I could forego every single piece from every single show this season, for just these three looks alone. I would trade 95% of my entire closet for these and could commit to wearing only these everyday for the next year. That's how perfect they are.



I have this really tiresome part of my personality where if I think to do something, I have to do it no matter how tedious it is. I'll hate it the entire time I'm doing it, but I'll do it anyway. Fashion week feels like forever ago, but here are some of my favorite looks regardless.

I appreciated that Nicholas Ghesquiere cast people off the street. I think the one on the far left is one of them. I'm into the overall look of the show, but I hope he goes back to weird structured things soon.

The crazy foil-y pieces were my favorite! I wonder if your face would get really tan if you walked around in those in the daytime?

While I do appreciate the aesthetic of the Balmain look, there is no way in ever never ever I would pay the kind of money required to buy the tattered tees even just to buy one of those jackets. Good look, stupid ass price. Unless you're a Vietnamese farmer.

The transparent trench is genius, especially with the stripes under.
Clean lines and RAWR with huh? hair.
I'm obsessed lately with bold solids mixed like this. This is favorite outfit #2.

One of my favorite collections of all the Fashion Weeks! Everything is so wearable. Below is my favorite look #1 of the mixed solids look. I would hypothetically wear the far right look for my hypothetical wedding - if I were to have one.

These would also be suitable alternatives to the wedding dress. Geeez what's on my mind?

Monochromatic outfits any day. Asymmetry any day. Or both.

I want these. The green ones.

More to come.


Just a quick two things about Fashion Week:

1. Sasha Be-Bop-A-Lula scares me. I can't take it anymore.
Balmain // Celine // Stella McCartney // Isabel Marant // Valentino

2. Carmen's new look (???)

Isabeli's face says it all.

(and no I didn't like Isabel Marant SP11. AT ALL.)


I promise at some point I will get caught up on blogging, but right now I'm just trying to get caught up on pooing. Another edition of TMI but this is a real life problem and we are real live people right? The fuzzy pink Yakult happy digestive tract makes me so happy...

but at the same time I'm sad because I imagine my digestive tract probably looks more like this