I'ma hump you!

Jammin' on the one, jammin' on the one. Jammin' on the one, jammin' on the one.


Rick Owens x Joyce iPhone case

Finally scratched one off my wishlist.

Only 9,671,248 more to go...


H&M coated sweater // H&M dress // Alexander Wang creepers // Issey Miyake Pleats Please bag

Without a doubt, my favorite part of the day is kicking off the shoes, changing into pajamas and washing my face. Instant switch into slug mode. It's like officially putting an end to the day and all responsibility. Except every so often there is work to be done at home. On this particular day I had some editing to do. My Wacom tablet is my best friend when it comes to Photoshopping. I don't know how I went so long without one. Cracked open a Neuro Sonic to give me a little boost and I was good to go.

Thanks Jessica for my Neuro drinks! I can't wait to try Neuro Sleep next.

I think I'm becoming addicted to Melatonin again. Oops.


Isn't it about time someone invented these already??
It would really make my life easier.

ps. Whatever happened to Sibyl Buck?





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Fashion photographer? Or excited tourist?


Balmain // Celine // Givenchy

I really really need a new bag. I've been needing a new bag. I've never really been a bag person though. There are so few that I've actually obsessed over. Plus, I can't stand switching them out.

These three are the ultimate. The only bags I would give anything for. Wait, that might be a stretch - it is hard to depart with $2K+ all at once. So let me rephrase, if money were not an issue these three are the bags I would get and never look back. I can't really say that with shoes because there will most likely always be another pair that I will want. But these? I would never have to look at another bag for the rest of my life.

Pixelman, if you are reading: I MEAN IT!!


Topshop leather jacket // Alternative Apparel long sleeve // my grandma's skirt // F21 rib knit leggings // Proenza Schouler shoes

Last week some friends came in from Japan (hi May!) so we went out to Bazaar at the SLS Hotel. I wasn't very well off growing up, in fact we were quite the opposite. But even though my parents were poor immigrants scraping by, they always spent their hard-earned money on really great food for us. Eating is a total experience in my family. All of my uncles have, at one point, owned some sort of food business, so I basically grew up having a strong appreciation for all things delicious. However, you will never hear me refer to myself as a foodie. I feel like there's a hint of pretension with that title, which doesn't play into my kind of appreciation. I don't really care who made it or what rating it has or what special, rare ingredients are in it. If it tastes good, I like it. My tastebuds are actually kind of ghetto, I'd say. Hole-in-the-wall places and old family recipes will always take precedence over fancy packaging and ambience....which is why I've always been apprehensive about going to Bazaar. It was...nice...but totally not my deal. I'll show you some food pictures so you can see what I had, just in case you're curious but don't want to go either.

Baby Beet Salad - by far the largest portion out of everything we ordered. CUBES.OF.BEETS.
Foie Gras sliders - the hand is there to show you the scale. You have to put the whole thing in your mouth or it poops all over your hand.
Boneless Chicken Wings with Green Olive Puree - these were good, but I can make them at home. In fact, I will! You can come over. I'll make 900 so you can have more than 2 without worrying about bankruptcy.
I forget. I just hope my cousin isn't looking at this. She has clusterphobia.
Caprese Salad - those are liquid Mozarella balls. Liquid goo explosion in your mouth? I know....
"Corn on the Cob" - I would have put quotation marks around it anyway just to be funny, but that's how it really is on the menu. You know the size of baby corn right? That's 8 of them, for $11. I have two cans at my house, I will give you a discount for $1 a spear. Maybe I can buy a new pair of shoes.
The Infamous Cotton Candy Foie Gras - I put "The Infamous" in for dramatic effect. Because there is none of that when it actually comes out.
Philly Cheesesteak - air bread, cheddar Wagyu Beef. We ordered these after some of the food had already come out, so I had to actually ask if there was really bread or if it was hypothetical "bread." Considering what was coming out, it seemed like a perfectly valid question.
It was actually really delicious, but drippy sauces on my finger are the arch nemesis to my OCD.
Then we had to goof around in the lobby, much to the chagrin of all the other patrons. Why so serious?

In the pursuit of retaining some of Pixelman's pixelness.

Go there if you want! Or don't!


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Back in the Town Car...[I] ask Reubens whether he had the kind of relationship with his toys that Pee-Wee has. "Oh, absolutely," he says. "I was the kid who was always checking that the toys weren't facedown. I wouldn't want to be that stuffed bear and be like, My face is mashed down."

My grandmother told me once, when I was very young, that toys had feelings too. I think she was trying to teach me to respect and take care of my property, but it resulted in me developing this creepy sense that inanimate objects really did have souls. I didn't actually have very many dolls, but from that point on I always left them face up or in comfortable seated positions. Trucks and cars always had to be right side up. To this day, I use the same methods when packing old childhood things or knick-knacks away. Old habits die hard.


Ann Sofie Back asymmetric biker poncho // H&M shirt // Zara red skinny jeans // Proenza Schouler FW10 runway shoes


My bestest friend, Gyuri.
Dazed Korea's Keep Young and Beautiful Chanel campaign.


Who wants to guess what I typed for the search this time around?

These were both labeled as "fetish" - for what? I have no frickin' clue. Neither should you.

The bottom one is going to give me nightmares, I just know it.


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Need to find the perfect leopard jacket to do this to!
I'm obsessed with dip-dying, dip-bleaching everything these days. Ombre madness!!!


Zara / Style By Kling

This is exactly what I want my fall to look like. Clean, no more tattered things.