Jul 23, 2011

L: Christopher Kane // R: House of Holland

Is Roseanne syndicated in the UK? Cause I'd be willing to bet money that Christopher Kane and Henry Holland were up late at night watching reruns while planning their Fall 2011 collections.

Christopher: Mate! You watching this??
Henry: Cheerio!
Christopher: Oh that DJ, quite the little bugger, eh?
Henry: Cheerio!
Christopher: And that episode with Joan Collins!
Henry: Cheerio!
Christopher: Right...well, better get to sketching.
Henry: Tea and crumpets!
Christopher: ......

COINCIDENCE? I think not.

(I should move to London I can totally speak British.)


Angela Leberte said...

hahaha! hilarious post!!! just found your blog today and love it!

london loves said...

You should! London would be a much better place with you in it!

agnes szucs said...

And Paul Smith, too (fw 2010)! And maybe even Proenza Shouler, can't remember... whoever started this... i guess it's in the air... or on air, or you know.

great find, anyways!

(sorry i can't speak neither British nor American)

agnes / iiiinspired

monkeyshines ♥ said...

love the prints!


Daniella said...

first omg i hate and love that dress alot.
and i love roseanne. and you should totes move to london.

Anonymous said...

Actually you should look at Romance was Born, an Australian label. They did a verrrry similar print about two years ago now.

allie said...

"tea and crumpets!" cracking up at this....

bravegrrl said...

haha. love it.

Andrew said...

that is probably exxxactly how it went

R said...

Cheerio! Lol. Also seriously weird ko-inky-dink.

Jessica Darlow said...

Romance was Born did it in... 08? 09?

Anonymous said...

I love Roseanne!!! eeek

Taj said...

I'm sure thats exactly how the conversation went!!!