Jul 25, 2011

  • Voluspa Saijo Persimmon candle - never been much of a tchotchke or candle kind of girl, but once you have a dog in the house you start to value a nicely scented room.
  • nesting bowls - catchalls for my minimal jewelry
  • framed four leaf clover - found by my mom, who had a special knack for finding them everywhere!
  • some unwrapped skateboard decks from my collection


Catherine said...

So cool! Can you post pics of the decks sometime? I'd love to see them/buy them?

Aly Fox said...

My mom has that special knack too. . .

ray said...

ummm squeeze me?? can we hook a girl up with a board? i will ride the shitttouttadat!! throw some bones on it even!

but i'm sure you unveil soon enough - i'm excited!

And that celine vest floral zip magic is amazing. hands down- w/ its mate or ripped bleached jeans, would wear always would wear always

Michelle said...

i have that exact candle and you're right..its smells amaaaazing. the celine floral pieces are OUT OF CONTROL. CRAZY. love your sense of style and the overall blog, you're hilarious!