A lot of times I find online boutiques have some brands I like, but then a lot of other mehhh brands mixed in. LN-CC has a great breadth of items and is a constant source of new lines to be discovered. It's quickly becoming my favorite e-commerce site to fantasize being a millionaire at. Their selection is bullshit filler-proof, with pretty much every single item offered being something special and drool-worthy. It's gotten me really into JW Anderson's womens line...

Me! Oh oh me! I want to look like a futuristic luxury anesthesiologist!
The greatest creeper style platforms à la Damir Doma.

And good styling always makes you want to buy stuff.


Linda Lu said...

agreed, I was just on Zara and I wanted to whip out my credit card so badly. Zara was wise to open their store to the internet.

Kazuko said...

agree! the way they present and style their products - perfection! and they offer many designers i don't get anywhere else (online).

Annie Chang said...

neat pieces!


kaye i. said...

Yeah, uh-huh, mm-hmmmm, yes, yes... I could SO totally see you rockin' these clothes. Double thumbs up, yo.

Serena said...

OOHH!! I like those shoes!!!

Love from Seoul,


Sophia said...

This is one of my favourite sites!! I always end up putting things in my basket but then reality kicks in. Their lookbook is just amazing.



good styling and good model... on that chick all look so perfect.