Vintage denim vest // LAMB dress // Chloe Susan boots

So when someone Instagr.ams something, do you reply to it on Twitter, Tumblr their photo, or just good ol' fashioned blog about how much you like it? All these different channels that (in theory) are supposed to make communication easier and faster, just end up confusing us. Remember what it was like to have to turn your finger in a rotary dial to call someone? Or retrieve your messages once you got home? The world still turned back then.

As you can see from my last post, I reluctantlyhave made a Tumblr. Let's see how long I can keep up with all this technology before I run away to the mountains and have whittling be my singular hobby. Oh, and I guess you can ask me whatever there too. Here goes nothin...


Do you hear that? It's the sound of my wallet weeping.


How good is the styling for Zana's new lookbook? This first image is black & white perfection.


Dries Van Noten mens coat // Rodarte x Target shirt // RVCA jeans // Balenciaga boots // Givenchy bag

Barneys Warehouse sale - what gives? You gettin more and more mehhhhh. This time was thoroughly disappointing...except for this Dries Van Noten jacket I found in the mens section and seeing Guinevere Van Seenus in person buying discount shoes. Ok so maybe those two things canceled out the busted women's section. I take it back then. When all else fails, MAN CLOTHES.

...Dries will now forever be synonymous with Poliopoliopolio.


I've been trying to avoid doing a post on Katie Shillingford's custom Gareth Pugh wedding dress; not because I dislike it - quite the contrary - but because lots and lots of blogs have already covered it. But I keep finding myself staring dreamily at it. The combination of the pale grey shreddy bits, her pastel pink hair, the veil (THE VEIL!), it's all just so lovely...so so perfect. And to date, it's been the only thing that's made me regret (a teeny tiny bit) that I didn't have a wedding.

But I did wear this Erdem dress to the county clerk...
...amidst all the people getting their documents notarized and picking up death certificates.


H&M shirt // skirt from Hong Kong // G√ľnt studded converse // Ann-Sofie Back sunglasses // Margiela bracelet // Jil Sander bag

What is this?? A not fully buttoned shirt?? *GASP* It's been pit-drippingly hot so even the thought of confining my neck in a puritanically-buttoned collar causes instant hot flashes. So instead, just relishing these last few weeks of boob sweat before it's time to whip out the coats and pants. Does it sound like I'm bummed? Because I actually can't wait to not have to shave my legs for a while. Oh wait, I don't anyway. (Sorry husband!)

Side note: check out my bff's new Etsy vintage store Mothlite Shop! It will be updated regularly!


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