My #1 Kate Lanphear of course does the leather jacket, hardware swag, badass look like no other, but it's such a treat seeing her more spiffed up looks. Here's one for the Kate library.
Meanwhile, I'm sitting in my office in BFE right now; unshowered, no makeup, wearing a house dress (read: muumuu) and fantasizing that I'm actually this girl...



The circus that is fashion week.


Really feeling grey these days.

(color-wise, not pep-wise)


Au 79

Never did get my hands on the Celine gold cuffs. These H&M ones will have to do for now.


Looks like someone's excited about Halloween.
(obviously not her)


Can't stop thinking about these Rochas mules I saw at the past Barneys sale. They were pretty much the only shoe there that got me really excited, which is weird considering they're so...well, weird. Sort of vintage Biba-esque with the odd-shaped heel. It's a shame the only pair were a size 35. It seems like all the best deals on shoes are always 35 or 41?


A lot of times I find online boutiques have some brands I like, but then a lot of other mehhh brands mixed in. LN-CC has a great breadth of items and is a constant source of new lines to be discovered. It's quickly becoming my favorite e-commerce site to fantasize being a millionaire at. Their selection is bullshit filler-proof, with pretty much every single item offered being something special and drool-worthy. It's gotten me really into JW Anderson's womens line...

Me! Oh oh me! I want to look like a futuristic luxury anesthesiologist!
The greatest creeper style platforms à la Damir Doma.

And good styling always makes you want to buy stuff.