Zara suit // DIY doggy Celine shirt

What do you do when something is so out of reach? When in doubt, make your own! I've been obsessed - like everyone else and their moms - with the most perfect and rather iconic fashion print of 2011 and wanted to do my own spin on it by incorporating it into something that was a bit more me. What better way to marry my love of fashion and skateboarding, than to throw the two components into this perfect plank of wood? I don't know what could be more all-encompassing of what Stop It Right Now represents. Even Kuma wanted in on the action, so I had to spend the better part of the weekend making her her own little shirt. (I may not be able to make a human-sized shirt but you can bet your ass I can make the tiniest little replica ever.)

follow here:



My #1 Kate Lanphear of course does the leather jacket, hardware swag, badass look like no other, but it's such a treat seeing her more spiffed up looks. Here's one for the Kate library.
Meanwhile, I'm sitting in my office in BFE right now; unshowered, no makeup, wearing a house dress (read: muumuu) and fantasizing that I'm actually this girl...



The circus that is fashion week.


T by Alexander Wang tshirt // Zara dress // 3.1 Phillip Lim jacket // Yohji Yamamoto Dr Martens // Givenchy bag // Margiela rings

Drive is my new favorite movie. Perfect cinematography, perfect gore, perfect romance, perfect muscle cars, perfect score, perfect casting. It just goes to show that big budgets and great products are not mutually exclusive. Vision is everything. Two emphatic thumbs up.

*few more items for sale (for cheap!): Balmain, Lanvin H&M, Rick Owens


Really feeling grey these days.

(color-wise, not pep-wise)



Zara sweater // Proenza Schouler x J Brand jeans // Proenza Schouler platforms

It's a very strange thing, the human body. All the things I enjoyed in my twenties, are slowly being rejected now in my thirties - sleep, junk food, a quick metabolism. Only to be replaced with a smaller bladder, heightened nostalgia, and thinking baby-faced boys are cute again...because they actually look like babies. I remember thinking the Real World people were so old and wondering if that's how adults lived, then all of a sudden I woke up one day and I was too old to even be on the Real World. Where does time go?

Au 79

Never did get my hands on the Celine gold cuffs. These H&M ones will have to do for now.


Looks like someone's excited about Halloween.
(obviously not her)


H&M dress // Issey Miyake Pleats Please bag // Chloe boots // Ann-Sofie Back sunglasses // Margiela rings

I guess I missed the memo that summer is starting in September this year.

I got my 9th and 10th tattoos. You can read about them here.


Can't stop thinking about these Rochas mules I saw at the past Barneys sale. They were pretty much the only shoe there that got me really excited, which is weird considering they're so...well, weird. Sort of vintage Biba-esque with the odd-shaped heel. It's a shame the only pair were a size 35. It seems like all the best deals on shoes are always 35 or 41?


H&M shirt // DIY bleached jeans // Zara leopard flats // Margiela necklace

Another DIY Dries Van Noten denim on the world wide web. Dead horse = beaten.

It's hot as balls. Just ask my pits.

(Whoa how did the tendrils sneak in there? How 90s of me. Rad I'm on trend!)


A lot of times I find online boutiques have some brands I like, but then a lot of other mehhh brands mixed in. LN-CC has a great breadth of items and is a constant source of new lines to be discovered. It's quickly becoming my favorite e-commerce site to fantasize being a millionaire at. Their selection is bullshit filler-proof, with pretty much every single item offered being something special and drool-worthy. It's gotten me really into JW Anderson's womens line...

Me! Oh oh me! I want to look like a futuristic luxury anesthesiologist!
The greatest creeper style platforms à la Damir Doma.

And good styling always makes you want to buy stuff.