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You can take a girl out of Corona, but you can never take Corona out of a girl. I'll always have a soft spot for serapes, hair nets, and oversized-too-long shorts. Maybe it's this affinity that's making it easy for me to love Shaun Samson. It's probably no coincidence that his California roots seep into his menswear design, UK-based or not. From last year's needle punch flannel knits to (above) SS12's colorful Mexi stripes, to (below) FW12's heavy cholo vibes, it's all hitting home for me.

And the best thing I found on the internet today.



Sara said...


Rebecca said...

haha chulo

yesss, i have a feeling menswear may be the new womens

Lauren Filibert said...

lmfao haha the cholo's down here in miami would flip and cringe if they saw this! LOVE the blog by the way.



Amanda said...

crazy, cause i recently bought a house of holland mexican blanket striped dress! espppppp alwayssss

nataliya said...

you can't forget about cortezs', my husband (namely called chino by his coworkers in Tejas) still wears them!!!!


rye said...

I want those pinstripe overalls.

Laurent said...'re from Corona?

Congratulations on making it out of the I.E. And may God save all who remain in Riverside.

Those hair nets are the icing on the cake


Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...
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RIYKA said...
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